Success is DIY Column 14: Lessons from Christiano Ronaldo: Success is going an extra mile


By Aubrey Mavhuli

There is a saying that, “If you don’t know where you are going any road will take you there”. Nothing helps you get a better achievement of your goal than a clear vision. A vision works for an organisation and a vision works for an individual.

A vision is a long-term compass that guides you to your goal. Move according to it and success becomes attainable. A vision helps you measure your results and helps you compare your achievements. In-fact if you don’t see the final destination any mileage gained means nothing without seeing the final destination.

Success requires a solid plan

A solid plan is a well thought out plan. It doesn’t mean it may not be altered but it simply means it is clearly thought out. Most people who do not court the success they desire is because they start off with no solid plan.

Most goals fail at planning level. A perfect plan perfectly executed equals success. Successful people write down their goals for long term and daily goals and measure success based on execution and achievement.

Successful people see themselves as always in charge

If you are not in charge and things don’t work out, you can blame someone else. Successful people blame no one and take extreme ownership for every result. The worst thing anyone could ever look for is an excuse. An excuse makes you believe that you are not in control. For any adult that is a severe state to be ever in.

Successful people commit to excellence

Unsuccessful people compete with others and always worry what others are doing. Successful people compete with their best selves. They don’t give up till they have done the best that they could possibly do. If you are competing with your best self, you don’t get too depressed when things don’t work out as you hoped. Success requires that you be committed to excellence and being harder on yourself than the worst boss could ever be.

Successful people work harder and for longer than others

One of the paradoxes of life is that the people that are at the top of their game always work harder than those at the bottom of their game. My youngest son loves soccer a lot and is always researching soccer best players.

I was not surprised when he told me that Christiano Ronaldo even though at the top of his game trains for far more hours than some of us work in a day. I researched it as well and confirmed his story.

Lazy people rarely succeed. Success requires a commitment to putting in the time and the work.
Successful people are not limited by their experiences or knowledge

One of the common excuses given by most people is we can’t do this because it has never been done before. Success requires a mindset that says there should be another way and I will explore it. Success requires a mindset that says we can always try another way.

The great scientists of old made discoveries by questioning everything. We wouldn’t have sent people to the moon or to space if all human race had the mindset that it has never been done before so it can’t be done. The truth we know isn’t always an absolute. The more we search the more we know and the more our truth may change.

Success requires consistence of action

Having a plan is good. Making a schedule is even greater but the greatest of all strategy is executing the plan daily. Sometimes a big goal is achieved slowly and consistently. Of all the reasons for success nothing beats consistent protracted action in the right direction. In my language they recognise that “a tea spoon can empty a sack of sugar.

Thank you for taking time to read this post on success means going the extra mile. You can’t win if you don’t push harder. Feel free to share your tips on how you have learnt to go the extra mile and succeeded.

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