Every artwork that I do, I do with an equal amount of love – Mlachila

By Lingiwe Patience Gumbo


As promised find below an interview between me – LPG and the artist Kudakwashe – KM. I was greatly inspired as I chatted with him a few days ago and I know you too will be. Blessings.

LPG: Who is Kudakwashe Mlachila?
KM: I am23 years old, born on the 8th of March 1997. I stay in Hatfield.

LPG: When did it start?
KM: I started drawing because of my inability to trace. Everytime I tried to trace, I would end up with terrible drawings, so I decided to try drawing without tracing. They were not the best but i saw that it was way better than traced drawings.

LPG: What do you use?
KM: As a self taught artist, I learn one medium at a time. I use graphite pencils, colour pencils and ballpoint, which is my current medium.

LPG: From the time you began drawing up to now, you must have a favorite piece. Which one is that?
KM: Every piece I make is made with equal amount of love, so I don’t have a favourite, but I have a favourite medium though. A pen is the most beautiful thing to ever happen to me, I love it so much because everything is messy, but the eye blends the colour on it’s own.

LPG: How long does it take to finish a piece?
KM: I always compare a pen drawing to a magic trick. The time needed to complete a drawing varies with the amount of detail on a piece and size as well. However I think roughly a drawing might take 55, 60 or more hours.

LPG: Are you a part-time or full time artist?
KM: Part time. I’m currently studying Electrical Engineering Computer Systems at Harare Polytechnic

LPG: How many drawings you have done over time?
KM: I have done hundreds of drawings, but most of them, I gave them away to my friends, because before now, I saw this only as a hobby. I have sold a few but I still have some of them, which I do not plan to sell as they remind me of my journey as an artist.

LPG: How has your work been received?
KM: Almost everyone that has seen my work has loved it and many request portraits of themselves which I gladly do for a reasonable charge.

LPG: Have you encountered any challenges associated with your art?
KM: In as much as people applaud me for my work, there is however this challenge that they are not willing to pay. Or if they are willing to give me a commission, the money is not enough to help me buy the materials that I use to produce the drawing. So I sometimes decide to spend most of my time doing my studies.

LPG: Basing on time spent, resources and creativity is the minimum charge enough, because I believe that at the end of the day one must make a living from their art?
KM: Well, I’m still new and mostly I’m not given the amount that I require. However, because I want to create a positive atmosphere with art collectors and build a strong relationship with them I keep at it. I believe that for my next projects, they are going to be even better than anything I have done before, so I’ll peg them at an amount that will be enough.

LPG: How would you motivate those who would like to try this art?
KM: Everyone is born an artist, so I think you need the right reasons for you to draw. Not to draw because you want to impress people. Passion is the most important thing if you want to succeed in making art works.

LPG: Do you have any parting word to your fans, friends, family?
KM: Before I go I’d like to say, Stay focused, have patience, be motivated by your own mistakes. Accept constructive criticism not discouragement. Cheers

Please support this extremely talented young man. Like his Facebook page, username Kudakwashe Mlachila or get in touch with him on his number +263 776 629 338. Let’s celebrate our own. Blessings
Lingiwe Patience Gumbo
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