Mazvake mazvake does not work, when we are all facing distress and starvation

By Sife Makwara


As we are increasingly faced with social challenges and food shortages by foreign nationals and Zimbabweans in particular during this pandemic; it is increasingly becoming necessary that Zimbabweans put their heads together and come up with solutions to help the kith and kin in Mzansi.

Heart rending stories are coming our from every corner of this country where Zimbabweans are located. Stories of people having nothing to eat, as their daily hustle is impacted by the Covid-19 restrictions, are serious and worrying daily concern.

There is a massive realization that Mazvake-Mazvake does not work, we need each other more now that ever before. The calling is loud and clear to those who can stretch a hand and help a struggling fellow countryman/woman.

Mazvake-Mazvake is when people go about their own welfare and do not care about others when assistance or support is needed or just a situation where people do not bother about other.

Some will argue there are perfect examples where Zimbabwean communities work closely together for the common good, but more needs to be done and particularly now during this pandemic and going forward.

As Proudly 263 the idea of coming together socially can not have come at a better time than now. If we can not put our differences aside and put the little bit of help for our people now, then when?

This is the time to build strong community relations that are lasting and authentic amongst ourselves. You are your brother’s keeper!

It is encouraging to see what happened last week as a follow up to previous week, where fellow Zimbabweans with the assistance of Proudly263Global and other partners contributed money and bought foodstuffs that were donated to the needy in Germiston, Richards Bay and Kempton Park.gures.

Thank you, to all the well-wishers

In Germiston people gathered at the Cornerstone Fellowship Church on the 9th of May, and with the combined donation from the Church led by Paster Nkosi, Sister Nyari and assisted by Charity Muzavazi, Enesia and Lucy Chikanga of Proudly 263Global, we put smiles on desperate people’s faces when they gave out food handouts.

On the same day Proudly 263 Richards Bay assisted the needy thanks to Ashford, Sharon Nemaramba, and Mike Kuzvinzwa who came through on behalf of Proudly263Global to put smiles on the faces of the needy and gave out food hand outs.

The next day 10th of May more donations where being handed out in Kempton Park and where multitudes of people received food parcels thanks to businessman Daniel Chigariro and Proudly263Global team of Portia Magaya, Victor Magqoka, Agripa Nyoni and Barbara Benhura.

That is HuSahwira/Umhlobo mentality that we so encourage amongst our people and especially in the diaspora.

In this vein I would like to appeal to well wishers to extend a helping hand and donate either foodstuffs or cash through Proudly 263 to help the thousands of desperate countrymen/women some of whom are lucky to go to bed with a meal for the day and will not know what tomorrow’s meal will come from.

For donations you can contact the Finance Director at Proudly263Global on 071 087 0824.

Sife Makwara is Chief of Communities at Proudly263Global


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