The MDC formation(s) has lost its power, touch and force

Wither official opposition. The current tug of war in the MDC on who owns the rope is man-made, and cannot be attrributed to providence, writes Trust Sibanda


Part 1

The arrival of MDC on the political forum in 1999 gave Zimbabweans a new hope of a possible Zimbabwe. The combination of ZCTU and MDC gave a twist into our politics. It made ZANU to rethink its political ways in desperation for survival.

The once vibrant MDC became personalized by a few individuals who are fond of pressing the self destruct button. Today we mourn again yet another death of what remains of MDC.

It is so sad to note that MDC has never learnt from its past. After every election it makes an effort to inject life to ZANU thereby notching its life expectancy which is supposed to be short.

Just a decade and half ago the late Gibson Sibanda and Professor Welshman Ncube looted the greater part of MDC and set off with party assets and a respectable number of followers mostly from Midlands and Matebeleland provinces. The issue was over Senators.

This was a major blow to be party which by then qualified to be called urban warriors because of the way their political magnetism energised the young and old in cities.

Their fight was more of constitutional orientation than anything else where one group was pro Senators while the other was anti. They could not resolve the impasse because it was a contest of power that came into play.

Robert Mugabe

In 2008 MDC T as it was later branded gave a good fight which even the late President Robert Gabriel Mugabe confessed using the 80% slip of the tongue years later.

The campaign terror, re-run and the naked cheating made people like Job Sikhala to throw in the towel and blindly walk without anyone to form MDC 99.

The breakaway was as a result of poor decisions made by MRT aftermath the violence and election result which gave birth to a Government of National Unity (GNU).

Even if one can argue that Sikhala went without anyone his lone departure interfered with MDC T numbers and was used as a control by ZANU is their research on what makes the opposition weak.

After the famous 2013 elections popularly known as NIKUV elections Tendai Biti and Mangoma left the MDC T squad and assembled their team which faced a split due to power issues a few minutes after establishment. We may need to know their reasons for leaving.

One reason which struck me was that of saying MRT is not educated. I don’t think education brings better leaders. If it does, then Mugabe deserved to lead Africa.

The few break aways cited above show a major weakness of lack of emotional intelligence as well as poor conflict resolution.

The other thing that comes out vividly is a certain level of dictatorial tendencies which MRT had over his Lieutenants. He led a big brand of democracy yet it was not practiced internally.

His beef with Khupe is also another sign of lack of compromise which most dictators have. MRT was a good man may his soul rest in eternal peace.

Ncube Biti, Sikhala and Mangoma when they defected they were labeled ZANU and we all generalized that they were given money by Mugabe to dilute the people’s party. I never got the chance to get the exact figures they received because on such issues no one steps forward as a first hand witness who can give the figures.

Pro-ED more than Pro-Zanu

I am sure if you walk away from the others in the opposition pool you clearly become ZANU and be on the pay roll. I will revisit this issue just to confirm how bad propaganda is.

The current tug of war in MDC T on who owns the rope is man-made and we cannot attribute it to acts of providence. Madam Khupe from the word go she was anti- Alliance and it was in her constitutional right to share her views as a Leader.

Unfortunately some people took it as a weakness not knowing that she was trying to safe guard MDC T and its people who were shortchanged by accepting rebels who later came and grabbed top positions at the expense of people who were with MRT since 1999.

Her points were valid if only she was given the audience. My words are not meant to make her a Saint. She is more of pro ED than the MDC itself.

One thing I am not ashamed to share with people is that Nelson Chamisa undermined the constitution of MDC T when he assumed the top position. I equate his actions to those of an axe used in cutting a tree.

What pains most is not the axe cutting the tree but the fact that the handle of the axe is the product of the tree.

Mwonzora, Khupe, Komichi

This saddens the tree which is being cut. Chamisa lacked advisors.

He got himself surrounded by wrong people. I wonder what is it that made him not to wait for the correct platforms and occasions which were supposed to vote for him and legitimize his reign.

He was and remains the favorite compared to Khupe based on popularity.

His war now is not against fellow MDC but he is fighting against a system that uses the constitution as the basis of governance.

People have presented arguments for and against Mwonzora , Khupe and Komichi. To me this trio has not done anything wrong. The same team which was once labeled ZANU when they defected is the same team calling these three ZANU.

By definition I am sure ZANU means not accepting rule of dictators.

All the sad events taking place in MDC expose a serious lack of leadership skills not only in the opposition but the country as a whole. We need to hire qualified foreigners to come and lead our politics.

Our education sharpened our selfishness. We have a serious crisis where a person who has numbers behind him decides to abuse the party constitution just to weaken what was thought to be the last hope. This will not end well.

Next week I will quantify the gains and losses which Khupe and Chamisa will gain.



Trust Sibanda is a businessman. He is a correspondent for Zimbabwe Digital News. The views expressed do not necessarily reflect the editorial policy of Zimbabwe Digital News.


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