Zimbabweans United for Progress set to make first public donation to victims of Covid-19


By Nhamo Chikowore

This week the Zimbabweans United For Progress (ZUFP), has been inundated by genuine requests for help from struggling Zimbabweans in all the nine provinces of South Africa who have been affected by the lockdown regulations.

The figures vary per source. But we know that an estimated 3.5 million of our compatriots in South Africa alone – the Zimbabweans – do not qualify for benefits from the announced package mainly due to either immigration status or most being involved in the mainstream informal sector of the economy.

We have also received numerous reports indicating that some Zimbabweans who earned their livelihood working in restaurants and hospitality industry, have either never been registered with Department of Labour by their unscrupulous employers, or do not simply qualify to be registered with the Department.

The lockdown has virtually shut down the source of their livelihoods. Despite their immigration status, this missing link has played and continues to play a role in the economy of South Africa with some sectors like education, retail, and transport to name a few having directly derived economic activity from them.

Most of our people are renting in locations, informal settlements and CDB apartments. We have received reports of most having exhausted their savings and have nowhere to go with their families.

We therefore appeal to all well wishers with donations of food parcels, rental vouchers, and any material support to assist these vulnerable members of the Zimbabwean community in South Africa.

Visit his link to donate: https://gogetfunding.com/zimbabwe-united-for-progress/ 

This About the Zimbabweans United for Progress

ZUFP has unveiled its crowd-funding initiative which plans to raise money to feed and assist thousands of Zimbabweans who are in distress in the diaspora.

Leaders of the organisation were on Voice of America this week, telling the broadcaster that thousands of Zimbabweans remained in distress in South Africa, and it was time to come together to rescue the situation.

The ZUFP has gradually unveiled the full extent of its outreach programmes, with the initiative set to hand over food and other essentials to identified people in distress.

Panic has gripped Zimbabweans who fear losing jobs, incomes, businesses and livelihoods. This has driven many to trolling social media in search of answers, and information.

While South Africa has unveiled a comprehensive R500 billion response to Covid-19 aimed at cushioning its citizens, Zimbabweans in South Africa are in urgent need of humanitarian assistance to avert catastrophe.

Chairperson of the the organisation: Mrs Martha Chasi said last week that setting up a concrete constitution encompassing the organisation’s aims and objectives would take time – but at the same time Zimbabweans in SA needed urgent answers, information and solutions to the ravages of Covid-19.

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