Covid One has a question. Where do robots fit – in our human politic?

By Merkury Rising

In the last few decades we have seen the advancement of global warming, this has affected the climate outlook in most parts of the world.

Scientific theories state that greenhouse gases, massive industrial developments, plus escalation in world population.
This is just adding to our earthly problems.

Researchers are being funded huge amounts of money to go deeper into more untouched territories.
While the human race face possible extinction, artificial intelligence is being pulled into the table.

Robots are doing a lot to replace mankind in most aspects of life. we have seen China, applying these gadgets at the peak of the Corona virus pandemic in their hospitals.

Honestly will all these changes empower us in years to come, or is it just another human error which will end up in serious tragedies, posing more suffering amongst many.

Robots in shopping malls, robots in schools, robots on the streets. Robots everywhere
It sounds like a paranormal sci-fi movie.

But I don’t think lives will be improved infact it will make lives difficult.
The sense of humanity and independence would be lost.

We give it a thumbs down, NO!

Man was made in the image of God. God made us to be great to prosper. To multiply.
So where will robots fit in our society?

Although we support advancement in other areas, such as medical researches, robots themselves cannot live amongst our society.

We can decide our future, without computers thinking for us.
Apart from these billionaire boys who plan for us while we sleep.

They will cause havoc anything mechanical is not guaranteed to perfection,
It’s high time we change
Wake Up.

And start asking questions.
That is the COVI way.

Donald Trump the president of the United states of America.

Said to be taking malaria drug chloroquine etc to protect himself against Corona virus.
Could this be the answer to our problem.

Obviously Trump is not insane about it.
He is smart enough so he would not be doing something foolish. Or are they sabotaging him?
We don’t know. Maybe he is trying to tell us something.
Madagascar keeps on fighting for its herbal medicine and so as other nations in Africa.
Covi salutes herbal use to fight covid 19.

To safe lives in Africa.
Medical independence. In Africa starting now.
Herbal use. Check.

Till next time. Stay indoors it’s now winter dress warmly
Wear your masks.

If you are sick with Corona self isolate to protect others
Global warming. Check.
Artificial intelligence check.
Corona virus pandemic.



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