Inside the MDC implosion Part II: Remember the misfortunes of Mamvura (the village mad man), and the idling bus

Pastor President Commander in chief of the Vanguards Adv Nelson Chamisa reminds me of the misfortunes of Mamvura (the village mad man) once told in another fairy tale however describes him as he has not fully mastered the art of operating the big machine.


By Trust Sibanda


The lockdown and this Covid 19 virus put 2020 to a pause. This is a wasted year. Life has been so boring in the first quarter of the year. The only thing that has kept us on our toes is the entertainment from the political studios.

The biggest winner is Deputy Minister Energy Mutodi – my former Geography Teacher  – for his new disappointment by the Head of State who moved him from a Ministry to a title less position of being an ordinary citizen.

I hope he did not throw away his drums and guitars as a man of many talents. We expect a six track album from him filled with a tongue lash as a new member of ‘Varakashi boys’.

In his next life he must know that golden boys like Minister SB Moyo are not playgrounds.

To imagine a man who calls himself sane going on a propaganda trail of saying the three abducted MDC officials left their cars at a police station and went to their boyfriends where there were later abused for demanding forex in exchange of sexual packages was brutal and uncalled for.

Queueing for Zupco

He had over stepped his mark and showed the world that education without wisdom is a danger to the owner. His woes are not yet over ZACC may pursue him since his is no longer part of the dispensation which is not new.

The acts or omissions of Dr Mutodi were just a distraction of another dull week. It is the time to count the blessings and curse of MDC following the trending issue of the SC ruling. Picking pieces from the story I penned last week there is need for us to profile the loot the beneficiaries and losers of the judgment will take home.

The biggest winner is Dr Khupe who has been partially comforted by the law to assume the helm of MDC T as the acting President. His biggest loss is that he just wore the jacket of the late Dr MR Tsvangirai without any followers.

The numbers behind him are less than those of people who queue for ZUPCO daily even during lockdown. Her dreams if she thinks of being the President of MDC T post election are nothing but a nightmare. Winter season is normally associated with nightmares.

If she is to get a post at congress she can be the head of the ushering team. The many blunders she made pre and post 2018 elections were numerous. She posed for photos with the very team MDC T is trying to remove from the system of governance.

Misfortunes of Mamvura

Pastor President Commander in chief of the Vanguards Adv Nelson Chamisa remains the people’s choice. They may be numbers that lost faith in him but there are not enough to upset him from the post of Presidency.

He struck gold by holding the steering of an idling bus which just needs to be propelled forward. The misfortunes of Mamvura (the village mad man) once told in another fairy tale however describes him as he has not fully mastered the art of operating the big machine.

Anyone today in MDC T who is dreaming of contesting Chamisa on any congress will be digging their own political grave as many people still have faith in his leadership.

The best one can do for now is to lure Chamisa to come and lead the MDC T which got the SC blessings so that they can form a very strong team that is genuine and axe all the G40 players that came to contaminate the legacy of MRT and congest the true MDC members.

The three leaders Mwonzora, Mudzuri and Komichi are the biggest beneficiaries of the SC ruling as it seeks to give them recognition as they have been dumped by the new system nicknamed MDC Alliance party which came after elections.

They do not have a problem with Chamisa leading them.


The main issue I see is that of being led by the likes of Ncube and Biti who never showed any respect for the late MRT during his tenure of office. To them it is an insult to bring back the so called traitors and offer them big posts.

This is their main enemy might not be Chamisa but those new old faces brought back in the field by the pact called MDC Alliance which was made up of Seven different political parties not the dubious one called apolitical party today.

The only thing Chamisa needs to do now is to align to the party constitution not to expect the constitution to align itself to his needs.

As educated as he is he must not forget that the masses behind him can be masses against him if he does not respect them.

The Supreme Court ruling was never kind to Adv Biti and Prof Ncube. In interpretation it needs them to join Gomwe and Dr Mutodi in political doldrums.

It naturally stripped them of ranks and rendered them an enemy of MDC T 2014 structures.
This duo could be the one behind the confusion in MDC T today as they are the biggest beneficiaries of the fraudulent congress of congress.

The Gweru treaty of 2019 which was nicknamed the 5th Congress was nothing but a committee of people sharing loot.

A sinful act

These two Alliance characters have no life in the MDC T left by MRT.

The war in MDC T today is a result of leaders who are selfish. The idea of appointing three Deputies was a sinful act by heavenly standards as it was not provided for in the constitution.

The ascendency of Chamisa to Presidency was another sinful act calling for repentance.
This is the only chance he has to legitimise his Leadership. The MDC Alliance was a pact of seven different political parties which by right expired after the elections.

Any Alliance partners today taking sides on the MDC T saga will be interfering with autonomy of MDC T and that becomes a politically illegal act which calls for a tongue lash from the group defending the legacy of MRT.

It is not too late to save MDC T from succumbing to Covid-19.The SC ruling is the first step in disinfecting the party which was once a darling of many.

The next step will be to pluck out those who found their way in councils and parliament through the G40 avenues. They need to be exposed and disposed off before they spoil the ingredients of the next election.

Sibanda is a businesman. He write in his personal capacity. The views expressed do not necessarily represent the Editorial Policy of Zimbabwe Digital News.



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