PO BOX Reloaded makes a splash with Bhutisi Kuzhangaira

Whats comedy without a bit of dirt and some vulgar? Comedy is not for everyone. One comedian said that those looking for clean comedy should try Christian comedy


By Royce Mapaike

Once in a while comedy was literally unknown. This was until Admire Bhutisi Kuzhangaira came into the scene and changed the perception people had on comedy. He pushed the genre to what it is today — almost second to music in terms of a reliable and paying audience.

He was fairly raw then, not in the vulgar sense but that he had just started. To be honest his father never gave him a chance, he thought he was just passing through and that comedy would be a difficult genre for him,until 1999 when he got his first certificate in Primary school.

The young man listened to what his audience and art consumers had to say, always with that famous near sarcastic smile he wears when he doesn’t want to be disrespectful.

He took what worked for him and threw away everything they said and look where he is now — running PO BOX Reloaded, probably one of the best comedy social media platform in Zimbabwe.

In its six years of existence PO Box Reloaded has given Zimbabweans a regular platform to laugh at themselves and also to confront some serious issues through humour.

Comedy has been one arts genre that has been able to navigate through sensitive issues without causing an uproar from the public.vices.

Chelsea Mguni

In its many years of existence the biggest criticism against comedy in Zimbabwe has been the amount of dirty words and vulgarity by most comedians.

The comedians’ defence against this has been that perhaps comedy is not for everyone.

One comedian has even gone to say that those looking for clean comedy should try Christian comedy. And yes, Nceku has been there for Christians. He has curved his name with clean comedy, targeting mostly Christians.

The comedy scene has nurtured the likes of Clive Chigubu, Mandla the Comedian, Ntando Van Moyo, Marshal ‘‘Maroosh’’, The General and others not so popular.

The club also unleashed Bulawayo’s only female comedian in Chelsea Mguni— trust me when on stage there is nothing laddish that comes out of this lady’s mouth. She can be raw and on a good day takes no prisoners. But then comedy is not church. We all know that.

Improve the content, improve the artists

Arguably the most talented of all has been Admire Kuzhangaira.

The young man has done the impossible. He has literally conquered Zimbabwe with his brand of comedy.

Bhutisi as he is known by his legion of fans has performed literally everywhere in this country, but his biggest stages . The young man has grabbed a few awards in his short career, the biggest being the Nama award for comedy.

He has been exceptional. His passion for comedy is beyond question. Credit to him for most of the success comedy has seen in the past years. In his stride the young man has begged Zimbabweans to keep on supporting local art.

“Our arts sector is really in a state where everyone needs to put whatever they can so as to improve the content and the artistes themselves. We need support “ said Bhutisi as he was responding to Exquisite Entertainment Whatsapp group platform participants.

Just looking at him one is reminded of Richard Prior — the black American pioneer of stand-up comedy. But most importantly Admire’s comedy has been very clean. – Exquisite Entertainment

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