Paul Kaseke Snr: Our lives matter as well

July 11, 2016 SkyNewsZimbabwe 0

  This week continues with our series of conversations with readers, writers contributors and the citizenry: called hashtag#zimbabwe#thisflag. Here we seek to play our […]

South Africa challenges Zimbabwe import ban

July 11, 2016 SkyNewsZimbabwe 0

South African Minister of Trade and Industry Rob Davies has been engaging the Zimbabwean government bilaterally — and through the SADC structures — to find […]

Zimbabwe: The timing is just not right

July 8, 2016 SkyNewsZimbabwe 0

   “The intention itself is good,” Julius Shamu said on prime TV, watched by millions. “But they could have introduced tariffs, rather than a total […]

Zimbabwe: Nationwide Protests

July 6, 2016 SkyNewsZimbabwe 0

Cops reportedly ran for their lives in Makokoba, Bulawayo after stone-throwing youths confronted them. Cops had fired teargas to force youths to disperse from the main […]

Riots in Harare: Pictures

July 5, 2016 SkyNewsZimbabwe 0

Zimbabwean police beat alleged rioters in Harare on Monday. Police in Zimbabwe’s capital fired tear gas and water cannons in an attempt to quell rioting […]

Donna Kays e-diary: A different dimension

July 1, 2016 SkyNewsZimbabwe 0

Silvanos Mudzvova says Zimbabwean art industry is not bearing any fruits at all. Instead the monopoly being enjoyed by the national broadcaster is making it hard for […]