Mama Diaspora Education Fund adopts Rumbidzai Kanengoni

By Frank Mushakavanhu

Meet Rumbidzai Kanengoni, the first beneficiary of the Mama Diaspora Education Fund (MDEF). Rumbi was orphaned at a young age and after much hardship she managed to complete her O level’s. In 2007 she crossed the Limpopo river illegally, and arrived in SA.

She started as a farm worker in Gauteng before making her way down to Cape Town, where she took a job as a cashier at a petrol station.She never let go of her dream to become a social worker, a dream she had growing up witnessing social workers in her village back home. For 7 years Rumbi saved what little she could, and with the aid of stokvels she managed to enroll last year at UNISA for her degree.
However, she has not been able to come up with enough money to finance her second semester this year.

Last month she arrived at our offices (in Cape Town) for an interview. Immediately we were taken by her humility and heartfelt story and we knew she was the one we needed to help. This week (April 29) marks the opening of the Mama Diaspora Education Fund (MDEF). Earlier this year we asked our Facebook community for ideas on how we can help uplift people living in the diaspora.Many great ideas were forwarded, and after much deliberation we decided to collaborate with the Hebron United Methodist Church (UMYF).

Members of the congregation, in need of assistance with their tuition, were asked to write a motivational letter as to why they should be the first beneficiary of the MDEF.
We had to select an individual who needed our help the most, and that is how the name of Rumbidzai Kanengoni.

Rumbi is a 27 year old Zimbabwean, 2nd year social work student at UNISA.
Mama is aiming to raise R8 000 to help pay for her studies this year.
Each time you transact between today and the 8th of May, we will contribute R5 from our 5% fee to Rumbi’s studies. With your help we hope to raise enough money to help Rumbi realize her dream of becoming a social worker!!

We will share more of her inspiring story with you over the coming days and how we plan to help more people in the future.
Nelson Mandela said it best, “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”

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