How Zimbabweans love their comedy: Laughing our way through our misery…


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“We really love our comedy, don’t we? We know how to use media but we don’t know what to use it for”


Copied (from an anonymous source) (By Gift Murapa onto Facebook) but nonetheless – true.

We have noted one thing, we love joking with issues that dearly affect us. Issues of our livelihoods. Issues of bread and butter… Before the ‘ban’ or ‘statement’ by Minister Muchinguri-Kashiri, no one was making these jokes about quails.

Now that there’s a pending ‘ban’ or things have to be regulated, we make jokes. A few months when heatwave affected us, we joked. Whilst some in the region were spreading the message about heatwaves, we were spreading jokes.

Though the heatwave affected most countries in the region, we are the most affected. Some effects could have been buffered had we spread messages about short season and long season varieties. UZ introduced two intakes per year.

Some felt that was a wrong move, they wanted to be heard but no one could hear them because jokes took over.

We really love our comedy, don’t we? We were told that $15 billion from diamonds is missing, we laughed, we made jokes and we spread them. We received most of them and we laughed.

The guy who staged a one man demo at the parliament building is actually an actor/comedian. So we even laughed when he was arrested. Owing to the liquidity crunch and economic challenges, some people embarked on domesticating quails.

They might not have done things properly that’s why there’s a call for regulation in the industry. But what’s our response? Jokes. Laughter. Nothing significant, nothing of national importance trends in Zimbabwe. We know how to use media but we don’t know what to use it for.

In South Africa a simple Twitter harsh tag caused fees to fall. A simple hashtag caused the statue of Rhodes to be removed at UCT.

A simple trend at Rhodes University caused some people to be tried a few weeks ago. Pay back the money, and indeed the money is going to be paid back – the courts have ruled. Prosecute Zuma – and yes he will be prosecuted for over 900 corruption charges.

Bring back our girls was emotional. The response from the military was amazing. Chad and Cameroon came aboard. Here we joke. We don’t care! It’s not about our daily bread, it’s about our daily laugh.

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We know how to use media but we don’t know what to use it for