Desperate Lindah appeals for help

My kidneys are failing and I need to be on dialysis, and I need to do chemotherapy. But I cannot afford any of that treatment,” Lindah said.
A 28-year-old Zimbabwean, Lindah Shamu is appealing to well-wishers who can assist in raising finances for her kidney dialysis and cancer treatment.
Zimbabweans in Cape Town called this week seeking to highlight and put onto the public forums the desperate situation that has befallen Lindah.
Hundreds of people have sent messages of support for Lindah on social media forums and on the popular Zimbabweans in Cape Town facebook page.
Speaking through the well-wishers, Lindah said she suffered constant abdominal pains throughout 2015, and the pain forced her to be released from her work where she had been making ends meet as a housemaid.
“I then went to the doctor and was diagnosed with vulvar cancer on the 6th of January last year. Since then it has been endless trips to the doctors and the situation is getting worse. My kidneys are failing and I need to be on dialysis, and I need to continue chemotherapy. But I have stopped as I can no longer afford any of that treatment,” she said.
She is currently staying at the St Luke’s Hospice in Cape Town but is supposed to leave the facility by the end of this week as the hospice can only look after her for two weeks. That period has expired.
Her son Romeo dropped out of school in July last year after his mother was released from work. He was supposed to (re)start school again this week but chances are that he will not be able to register as there is no-one to pay his school fees.
“It has been an exhausting journey of pain, anguish and uncertainty since then, and I have gone through radiation and chemotherapy in the past year. It is extremely painful. But without the funds, then I do not know what else to do.
“The doctors have now said there is nothing more they can do as my kidneys are now failing,” Lindah said.
“I and my husband Nkululeko are orphaned and unemployed, so financially we have nothing as the little that we had was quickly used up due to the expensive cancer treatments that we have pursued. The cancer has spread. We sometimes go without food as there simply is no money.”
“We would like to appeal to doctors, specialists or anybody, or well-wishers who can assist as we are in a desperate situation.”
Anyone who can assist can contact Lindah directly at +27 84 759 9559 or at 0834767918.


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