Here’s some Salt Africa, Good Salt – with Welly G


By Donna Kays


Just as we thought that all youngsters were  about worldly music and making money, I got quite a surprise when this week I came across some good music playing in the form of – gospel.

I last saw him perform when he shared the stage with the Charambas when they came to Cape Town, and I was convinced that Welly G is quite grounded and humble for the talents that he possesses.

Wellington Gwande aka Welly G is such a blessed soul who sings and writes heavenly melodies that gets one’s soul close to God.


Singer/song writer, sound engineer

“I’m a singer/song writer, sound engineer and my music genre is gospel,” he said, when, after weeks of tracking him down, I finally cornered him for a little interrogation this week (winks).

In all his music projects Gwande says that he does not work alone. (After all, no man is an island). “I sing with a group called Good Salt Africa, and I have two albums under my belt. The latest is Vanonzwa, an album which gives hope to the weary and the down-trodden. Sometimes God sees our situation but because He has faith in our ability to conquer, He sits and listens, only to intervene when it is really necessary.”

This was something that gave me hope from where I was standing during the interview. It is true that sometimes we face situations where we think God has forsaken us, now I know better. He just gives us the chance to pull through by ourselves, thanks for the revelation bro Welly!

It is no longer easy nowadays to come across young men who truly love God, and are not ashamed to work publicly in the name of the Lord. So that got me wondering where this unique young man is from.

Just as I had guessed, Welly G grew up in Harare, what I never got my mind to assume is that he went to Dzivarasekwa High School. Well done DZ faculty and the Gwande family for raising a firm young man in Christ.

Now back to the music. Welly G told me that his music was well-known in Zimbabwe, South Africa and Botswana. If you care for my opinion I’d say it’s either our dear brother in Christ hasn’t marketed his music well, or the world is just not doing him justice by not helping out such a finely talented man.


A talent, and a conviction

But one needs time to listen to his music if you are going to appreciate his talents and conviction. If there’s something I love about Christians, it is that they are a graceful lot, full of faith.

As I pointed out to him that maybe the music industry had not been rewarding to those in faith like him, Welly G cut in and said: “People do receive my music very well. But they just need to listen with patience if they are going to appreciate it,” he said

But for someone who is a qualified electrician who spends most of his time doing electrical work, his gospel offerings are definitely something one needs to give a listen to.

His music is now available on i-tunes, on Sound Cloud and in good music stores. He is readily avaliable to do weddings, parties or gospel events. Just call him on (+27 74 318 1990)  and he will come, with his crew, the Good Salt Africa.

Oh yeah, salt, Welly? Why name your group the Good Salt Africa? “We want to be the salt of the world from Africa. As you already know, salt is one of those things that we take for granted, but it makes the food tastier. So is our tiny little group. We want to touch the hearts of all nations, from our humble beginnings to the biggest fish of all,” he says, with a chuckle.




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