My greatest honour is to recognise the success stories of Zimbabweans living in South Africa: Diana Nheera’s diary


By Diana Nheera

Hello dear readers. My name is Diana Elisha Nheera with Diana’s Zim Excellence Awards Diary.

Just as February was coming to an end, I had just come back from Maputo, very hot place that, still settling back with the rather chilly weather I met in Johannesburg. I was having a skype meeting with my client for digital marketing. It was the monthly assessment meeting, me reporting back on the set goals and targets results.

And the client giving me their assessment of the work for the month, and new tasks and objectives, goals and targets
for the following month. That was when they asked if would take on, their awards brand, as the PR and Digital Marketing Consultant of the Zimbabwe Excellence Awards…. I’m still letting this sink in. My first response was YES PLEASE, IT WOULD BE AN HONOUR!

But then with the euphoria, immediately came some chill. I said to myself, wait a minute, I actually know nothing about awards and how the process goes.

So, in all confidence I said to them, only if you show me through it all the way. This is how I prefer to work by the way, very closely with the client. They know their brand much more than I do, so I ask them to lead, and I follow.

As a marketer, I really have to know the ins and outs of my client’s business, their set goals, their methods, their thought processes, their market as it were, what makes them lose sleep about the business, yes, I need their business’ DNA, just so I will be able to translate it all into the right marketing language for their audience and for one reason, to satisfy each and every marketing objective set.

A complete change and overhaul from the three previous editions

So now, I had said YES. Yes to be custodian of the prestigious awards ceremony that seeks to recognise and reward success stories by Zimbabweans living in South Africa. By the way, all the knowledge of awards ceremonies I had till this point was, well, my friends and family asking me to vote for them online when they get nominated for awards.

I had no idea how they get nominated, who nominates them, why they get nominated, let alone the whole process from the Awards Board end of things, I HAD NO IDEA. I can now gladly say as I write this, for, three weeks later, that I have more knowledge now, how be it only on the Zimbabwe Excellence Awards Ceremony, errm, that’s not true though, add all the other awards campaigns that I read through on the internet.

I always launch into extensive research whenever I get on a new project, just so I really am immersed in how the industry works. This is the part where you can ask me anything about awards, from across communities and nationalities… yes, I read through that much. But I digress.

To give you an overview, here is how the Zimbabwe Excellence awards go.

My involvement coincided with the awards featuring a complete change and overhaul from the three previous editions as the focus is now on awarding and rewarding Zimbabweans in all of South Africa. Previous editions awarded only the Cape Town community.

Who is nominated and by whom?

Outstanding Zimbabwean Individuals and Businesses are nominated by the
public in their communities in the categories on:

Eligibility Rules

The Zimbabwe Excellence Awards are open to Zimbabwean Nominees living in South Africa. Nominators may submit as many nominations into as many categories. Nomination deadline is 31 MARCH 2018.

Judging criteria

The Zimbabwe Excellence Awards adjudicators will review all nominations and shortlist the Official Nominees
who will contest for votes to take the award on each category.
The Adjudication Team judges all entries on: 
· An increase in market share/customer base
· Significant growth expansion
· Potential and plan for sustained growth
· Innovation in products services or processes
· How do you market your products/services?
· Ethical standards your business practice e. g. (transparency, accountability)
· Motivation and vision for the business

Finalists will be announced in early April. After which the voting date will be announced. On stage, you, me and the guests, come May 26. Invitation is already extended to you for the awards ceremony. Tickets now available.

Zimbabwe Excellence Awards winners will be announced live on stage at an evening Zim Excellence Awards gala, the exquisite gathering of the great and influential Zimbabweans living in South Africa. You and I, good food, amazing entertainment, great speakers and MCs at the Kelvin Grove Conference Center in Cape Town on May 26. For more of this info, follow us on Facebook: Zimbabwe Excellence Awards Ceremony and on

It has been an enlightening journey for me already. Nominations are coming through from many provinces and cities of South Africa. The team has already responded to hundreds of nominations and asked for nominees to send in their information. I have had an opportunity to know the previous years’ winners and their accomplishments after.

I’m also delighted to be working with a number of sponsors and partners of the awards.

And, I am super excited to be part of this unfolding journey. Most of all, I’m so grateful to each and every person involved, the individuals sending in nominations, the nominees, the friends of Zim Excellence Awards (sponsors and partners), the media partners, this publication (, the awards team on my side and each and every person reading this. You are amazing. Your support is greatly appreciated.

And, I will be sharing with you my experiences till the curtain falls on this 2018, 4th Edition of the Zimbabwe Excellence Awards Ceremony.

Be good at what you do, and be good at it! 😉 Till next time. Cheerio!


Diana Nheera is the PR and Digital Marketing Consultant of the Zimbabwe Excellence Awards 2018.



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