Rome was not built in a day, but Ruffkurt Africa is an entrepreneurial construction site


By Tafadzwa Mbofana


I write this letter with a heart full of joy, excitement and the zeal to continue working hard as one of the best pioneers, if not entrepreneurs, of my generation. It’s a huge achievement to myself being a nominee of this category, as the category is not for lazy individuals, or being selected from a single group of people.

My impact in the world of entrepreneurs is being felt, and am glad that my commitment to success, creativity and my performance in trying to change the face of Zimbabwean and African youths at large is being witnessed by the world.

Rome was not built in a day, and as an entrepreneur l do understand that by being dedicated to my work, one step at a time l will surely reach the pyramid top spot that l want to be in.

Ruffkurt Africa Holdings is a registered company (SA) that since 2012, it was only focused in the field of entertainment and clothing. My company was one of the first to bring Zimbabwean artists to perform live in Capetown and it was also the first to print clothes of the most talked about and talented Zimbabwean artists who includes: Freeman, Seh Calas, Lady Sqaundah, Stunner, Winky D etc.

Working which such top artists did prove to me that the quality l produce was second to none and that l was meant for greatness. T-shirt printing is a good money making business, and when many youths saw the light, the competition was huge.

With that on my mind and as an innovator, l looked for new ways that l can use so to make a living from. Working alone will always limit one into bringing new ideas or providing solution to a problem and for Ruffkurt Africa, l always knew that teamwork will make it grow bigger and better especially if am to create a team with people who share the same vision and passion as l have.

Our own brand of Vodka called Ruffkurt Vodka

Fast forward to the year 2017, Ruffkurt Africa Holdings now has an online magazine called Inspire Today Magazine and its own brand of Vodka called Ruffkurt Vodka. This has been my biggest achievement since the formation of the company as this was one of the reason why l got nominated in this category.

In the first year of producing Ruffkurt Vodka, l managed to sell over 3000 bottles and have got over 260 clients from , Zambia and South Africa. In July will be our biggest turn to get in Big Outlets like Ultra Liquors, OK Liquors and Preston Liquors. Then in Zimbabwe we are starting with OK outlets.

In the year 2018 l am looking forward to launching my own brand of energy drink that will be produced under the name Ruffkurt Energy. Everything is in place, and it is only a matter of time before the streets of Zimbabwe witness the first Zimbabwean owned energy drink.

I am all about doing what many say it can’t be done by a black child reason why in this same year, l shall be launching my own Mobile Taxi Application called Flexride. We are in a position of making Harare a world class city by 2025 and l believe that l need to be part of the team that is shaping how my future and that of others will look like.

In the year 2018, l am looking forward to growing my business by making sure that l venture into things that will make it valuable the time when l will put it on Zimbabwe Stock Exchange. This year is also a year that l will be adding more Vodka clients to the list l currently have.

The initial goal however is to own my own factories which will be producing the fabric/material l will be using for my clothing department, another factory that will be dealing with the production of Vodka and energy drink. As for the taxi mobile application, l want it to be the solution to the removal of the mushika-shika.

Our own Mobile Taxi Application called Flexride

Honestly speaking, what motivates me is my personal history. If l look back from were l was to what l am now, l see no reason that can stop me from doing other great things l need to do. If a guy who used to was cars can be a owner of vodka, what can stop a vodka owner from being the largest supplier of vodka in Africa?

Every morning and night l kneel down and pray for better days and l know my God is not deaf to hear my prayers or had short hands to provide me with what l desire.

As times goes on, when my business is on the better side of profits, l look forward to employing only energy packed university graduates. I believe that the younger generation is always ahead in knowing what they believe is the best for them and the universe.

If am to have hardworking youths who will be ready to take the brand global, l am sure this will be the perfect way to sustain the business.

I also believe that I am the best person to go home with the award as my profile from the previous year does testify for itself. Winning this award will help me to push even more harder and to other people who are motivated by my works, l am sure that this award will just cement their faith in me even more.

Hope to hear my name being announced as the winner soon.

Kind Regards

Tafadzwa Mbofana








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