A lion and eagle story from Zimbabwe’s Clyve Mashiri: Never say never…!


By Clyve Mashiri


My name is Clyve Mashiri, my friends know me as McBird. Born and raised in Chitungwiza, Zimbabwe. From a very early age, I have always been motivated, driven and courageous. I owe a lot of my drive to my mother, who was an entrepreneur in her own respect.

I remember the tough economical challenge that we went through in Zimbabwe, and how my respect for my mother grew. I saw her work with what she had, which was a piece of land, that we kept livestock and a well point that the rural community come and paid to get some water.

I moved into the urban areas, in a location with my brother in the 1990s. This is where my passion started to grow and the exposure helped me to see that I could do whatever I could put my mind to.

My first hints of greatness came when I started planting vegetables, that I sold to people in the community. This very small initiative then grew to the point where I was buying and selling other food items in 2002, when the economic status of Zimbabwe did not get better. These steps led me to move from a small garden to buying and selling basic necessities, that I bought from cross-boarder traders.

This promoted to looked at moving to another country. I got my first job in Johannesburg South Africa, in hospitality at a hotel called Victoria Hotel. In all this I never lost my work ethic, because of this, I saw myself getting a promotion and a full job contract, to work as Junior Chef and in no time I was promoted to Senior Chef.

Even though things were looking great, I still wanted to challenge myself and continue to grow as a person.

February 2016, I saw an advert about Mama Money. I missed a few interviews and even though I did, I could not let this opportunity pass me. I am pleased with my team leader Sarah, who believed in me, even though I did not show signs of sales experience. I managed to shock everyone by breaking records and managing to achieve targets in the shortest period.

It was very refreshing to get called by the director, Matt congratulating me for work well done. I was awarded, the best newcomer and other awards kept coming in the next month.

I made a very bold decision, I remember this like it was yesterday. In April, Mama Money hosted the most outstanding agents in the nation, and I was part of this. I learnt a lot, and I even learnt a lot about myself and how I can do more. I decided to leave the hospitality industry and work full time for Mama Money, this was a very risk move but I knew that I could do much more than what I was doing now.

After this, I have seen, more opportunities for me, earned more money, grew as a person and as an entrepreneur.

MamaMoney has played a huge role in the man I am today. I’ve learned to man up as a true leader with wisdom with great communication skills, to be a Team Player with self enthusiasm and to be a self motivated CHAMP.
I’ve grown and I’m still growing. I believe this can be you tomorrow do not look down upon yourself because of your background. We all deserve to be crowned the best!

It may not happen today but someday it will be you. The main tool is just “Never say Never” Be a good measure, pressed down and well shaken together.
Your time is now Champ. Do not listen to the weather or think of what people will say. Reach out for sales daily it’s not always when you win but do not give up C.H.A.M.P never quits.

I always like to give 2 examples of animals Eagle and a Lion:

1) An Eagle is the only Bird that sees an opportunity in every storm that comes in its way it allows it’s wings to stretch as wide as possible and the wind from the storm lifts it higher hence when life is tough, expand your wings and let an opportunity come from the same challenge.

2) Lion no matter how huge is an elephant a lion still feels like it owns the jungle: Be brave and be bold know your purpose no matter how huge your challenge may look you can still handle it.

Commitment, Honesty, Attitude, Motivation, Pride.”

Thank you Clyve Mashiri for your commitment, dedication and drive. Watch this space for more amazing agent stories at Mama Money. – Facebook


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