Cle$$y Nzorozwa: Remember me Zimbabwe, as you watch the winter sunset

Poem#1: *Remember Me*


By Clesirdia Nzorozwa AKA Clessy


_Watch the sunset…._
The sand is glad to have you take a walk

_Feel the wind blow…._
The trees are glad to have you sit a while among them

_Take some time to look back…._
The years are glad to have carried you this far without me

_Sing along to old broken songs…._
The birds are glad to hear your broken voice

_Years go by…_
A year feels like two minutes in your world
The time us glad to keep racing till our memories are forgotten

My shadow pleads with the present to never erase the past,
Even though it holds nothing but tears, pain and sorrow

_’Burn them not to ashes’_
_’Bury them not in the deepest cave’_
_’Although your ears miss not the sound of her voice_’
_’she only asks you to remember her’_

Remember me…
Like a shadow our memories linger in my heart

Salty waters flow endlessly on the thought of you
The rusty landline, now a home for the roaches
I left a thousand tears, now the salty waters no longer flow on the thought of the lady bird

I know you have been praying for changes
Tired of…..
A thousand times we kept going through these phases

Poured you a crunch of bitter wine
With a smile you sipped on
Late night I saw your shadow crying
The pavement whispered
_’your wine is too bitter to swallow’_

Even though now the years seem to be narrow
I pray your memories of me don’t become shallow

I now sing…..
_’Faded pictures hang’_
_’In neatly netted webs they hang’_
_’Friends with the eight legs monsters I am’_
_’The dusty glitters spackle’_

You hardly smiled….
I made you swallow the bitter honey
Even though the memory of us brings tears and pain
Always go back to that day when we first met
Will you smile and remember me…?


Clesirdia Nzorozwa is an emergent Zimbabwean poet who is not only touching raw nerves in Zimbabwean art and culture with her own brand of wordology, but has redefined the art of the spoken word.

This is the first in a set of poems that she has submitted to Zimbabwe Digital News, and we have obliged.

In the coming weeks you shall  hear her speak on this platform, and you shall recognise that apart from top quality content in this newspaper, nothing beats the words of someone who speaks truly from the heart.

Contact her at:, and appreciate the work from the stable: VaChikepe_the Poet & Publisher, Zimbabwe. Cle$$y is a poet, short story, script and song writer, rapper, and is into anime. Cle$$y works with the VaChikepe_the Poet & Publisher stable that is also known as HundredSailorsPoetry. She is contactable on or +263738 062 080. 

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