We are not afraid of antagonistic forces that even exists amongst us, Zimbabwe


By Sherpard Kamusaro


Greetings to all of you dear comrades. Hope I find you well during these festive season holidays. On behalf of the party I would like to say have a happy festive season and happy New Year. Please don’t drink, then drive. Also all of us let’s not forget our parents, they made us who we are today. Enjoy comrades.

I’m blessed to be part of you as we represent the Zimbabwe Cape community district. As both a member and leader I always enjoy criticism, and at some point I will also accept destructive criticism, as long as it is fair. When you are criticized you tend to grow, realising the volatility of how to deal with different situations. Democracy prescribes that.

Our political party is a mega party. It accepts everyone. We have mixed cultures, and should remember that we are not born of the same mother.

We should learn to accommodate everyone irrespective of culture, colour, creed and even background. Some of our people take politics like nharo. Arguments (nharo hadzisi uchenjeri hama) let’s learn to be constructive so that our party grows.

The major reason why we put up our party groups, even o social medias, is to make sure we mobilize and educate each other politically and also reflect on the front view of our leaders.

The front picture brings attractiveness. More will love and come to join our sub-groups.

They will enjoy developmental projects, entertainment, hospitality, business ideas, socialisation, and political ideology. I say to all of us, let’s learn and make corrections so that we allow our party to grow.

It’s time for the party to grow and correct the economic crisis in our country.  That brings in the issues of economic development.

As we become united we build a better Zimbabwe. Business liaison  circulated a questionnaire to allow all of us to work together in building our economy.

We have professionals who can change our country and make it a better place for everyone. If you know you have ideas to improve our economy please join our team of business leaders who have the zeal to rebuild our economy.

Initially we have decided to commence with recruiting only business persons who are members of our party, and later allow every Zimbabwean across the board. It only promotes party membership and mobilisation, while improving lives of our Zimbabwean populations.

Charity begins at home. We will then take it outside when we succeed within the active membership of our communities.

Here’s our message to the aspiring party members. This will be spoken all the time in each and every meeting. Our success, our party’s success is right here. We must lead by example.

Our fellow liberation movements on the African continents

No-one loves failure. Our party is not associated with failure. This party sets examples to all our members, old and new, ans shows the general people, and those of our fellow liberations struggle comrades, those in SADC and those in Africa , how we can achieve success.

This party needs us all to lead by example. Let’s pull together as one unit. All our new members will see that this party chigaba che-huchi. As we all bring members and teach them party ideology, we will see success coming not failure. I salute all our comrades who are always preaching progress to our members. Let’s continue to teach each others of our party ideology.

We encourage every member to attend branch meetings and district gatherings.

As we head towards the 2023 diaspora elections, our leadership is more than ready to win without fear. Everyday we are receiving a lot of new members joining our party.

We are not afraid of antagonistic forces that even exists amongst us. Will fight and use our party machinery to win every single section where the enemy has gained strength.

The existence of Pseudo-characters assassinates our revolutionary party. We will be on the ground while we physically meet our membership where-ever they are.

We are encouraging our comrades to start going all over and mobilise in different areas, workplaces, branches and districts while focusing on the view of becoming a province as South Africa.

Hard work and unity is fundamental to our growth. Our mission is to increase our membership diversity to more than three times in the coming two years.

May God bless our party in all the cells and districts. United we stand and divided we fall. Unity is critical to our party and even for our country Zimbabwe.

I salute all of you comrades, for your support all the way.


Yours Comradely


Cde S Kamusaro

Chairman Zanu-PF Cape district


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