With mbira in hand, MaNgwenya Diana Samkange headlines New Year’s bash in Cape Town



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This week spirit medium Diana MaNgwenya Samkange, reportedly one of Zimbabwe’s best mbira players, will join Simba Saini and in a New Year’s eve bash in Cape Town.

After a couple of years working with 2BG, MaNgwenya was groomed by the legendary Zimbabwean Afro-Jazz musician Tanga Wekwa Sando of Mahobho fame, who fine-tuned her vocal skills before she embarked on a solo career.

Saini told Zimbabwe Digital News this week that the show is billed as the place to be on New Year’s eve among the Zimbabweans in Cape Town.

“We are on stage with a spirit medium, and AfriStorm is looking to induce the MaNgwenya spirit onto the rhythmn. Expect fireworks when the mbira queen from Zimbabwe and Afristorm Movement are on the instruments, this is going to be the best show in town,” Saini said.

Over the years MaNgwenya has worked with numerous high profile producers in Zimbabwe, namely TBA The-PlayBoy, Russo, MacDee, Jairosi Hambahamba, and Clive MonoMkundu, Munya Vialy and Oskid.

MaNgwenya posted on her social media feeds that she was counting down to her debut show in Cape Town, and she just wanted thank everyone in advance for supporting her and Simba Saini and Afristorm. The show will be on December 31, Dj’s Bar in Kensington, 8pm till 2019.

Excepts released by Saini to the media this week said MaNgwenya wanted to turn her inspiration and creativity into reality by writing and performing art that will induce a sensational reaction and evoke memories of sights, sounds, and smells.

“From where we are, just as reflections are captured in a pond, MaNgwenya The Crocodile wants her music to reveal reflections and emotions of our times. We know that she has performed with big names like Mtukudzi, Ringo Madlingozi, and Zahara, in Zimbabwe and in the UK,” Saini said.

And she has not looked back from the coaching from Tanga Wekwa Sando. With three albums to her name, and an upcoming fourth album named Mationesa, Mangwenya’s graph is on a spin.

Samkange has done (HIFA), was a nominee at the Pachedu awards for three awards, the Zima Awards 2016 for the Best Traditional music award, with the first Zima nomination for best female artist being in 2007.

During the last quarter of 2015, she toured the United Kingdom for perfomances in Birmingham, Dunstable, Sherffield, Manchester and Leeds, and was at the Sherfield Festival, and Drums in the

Whilst she was on tour in Wales, she was elected to be the Brand ambassador for a community centre in Domboshava called Love Zimbabwe, which is led by a community in Wales in the United Kingdom.

During her spare time with family and friends Mangwenya enjoys spiritual meditation, and site seeing. Besides being a professional musician who plays the mbira, Mangwenya is also a professional spiritual counsellor, strongly rooted in Shona traditional culture and beliefs.

For more details of this performance, call Simba Saini on 063 853 6362. Failure is not an option.


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