Peace Letter: A Southern Africa that is committed to eradicating poverty, and achieving global peacefulness


Dear leaders of Southern Africa,


We represent the thousands of people, readers, followers, streamers and stakeholders who follow Zimbabwe Digital News everyday, every week and every month – on our platforms, on television, on the website and on our printed newspapers and social media.

As a multimedia organisation – read by thousands per month – our hope lies in our people having a peaceful and happy life.

Southern Africa has a history of being a united community of nations that fought to the last drop of blood for our independence, but sadly, peace continues to elude our people.
There are still millions without food, others without jobs, there is conflict in many parts of the continent and tens of others are hungry and are stuck in poverty.

For this very reason, we support the Declaration of Peace and Сessation of War (DPCW) proclaimed by HWPL (Heavenly Culture, World Peace and Restoration of Light) on March 14th, 2016, which international law experts from all over the world gathered and created in the hopes that its practical contents will bring about sustainable peace on this earth.

Through its 10 articles and 38 clauses, the DPCW details the specific provisions for preventing and ending wars, maintaining peace, and realizing complete peace in the global community.

In particular, the DPCW emphasises manners of resolving conflicts in a peaceful way without the use of force and the necessity of pursuing friendly relationships.

At the same time, the declaration stipulates that states need to settle conflicts on their own without the influence of external forces.

In addition, the DPCW proposes clear answers for nations suffering from religious conflicts. First, the declaration states that freedom of religion must be guaranteed. It calls upon states and people to respect each other’s religion and to take the initiative to establish platforms that facilitate dialogues and religious harmony.

Building on the peace achieved through these efforts, a culture of peace should be fostered through peace education and culture, and the ultimate goal is to leave a peaceful world as a lasting legacy to future generations.
We believe that this DPCW will be the answer to the end of conflicts both domestic and foreign, which destroy the peace of our state and the rights of our citizens.

This is the best way to leave peace as an inheritance for the future generations of Africans in Southern Africa, and throughout the continent.

Because we, as a newspapers and media organisation, are obligated to spread the message of peace for our followers and our countries our country, and because the media is the tool through which we can fulfill our responsibilities to our beloved continent, we will therefore support it with all our heart and efforts in order to make this DPCW a legally binding document that can be implemented there-from.

Our Presidents have the power and influence to change the course of world events, and it is our hope that our media is a bearer of peace, we care about the lives of our citizens as well as the whole world and a media that seeks to foster and protect peace building in all its formats.
Your support for our media and for all the DPCW will make the future full of peace, not full of war, and the world will remember you. Ours is a troubled continent in many ways, but ours is also a conntinent full of hope, and fully committed to any efforts that seek to bring peace, stability and prosperity to all the peoples of the world.


Yours Faithfully
Zimbabwe Digital News




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