The problem with us Zimbabweans, is that ingori mazvake mazvake


By Sife Makwara

I think people are a bit skeptical about whatsapp groups, especially Zimbabweans because there has been a lot of other groups that sprouted and ended up being redundant or did not go beyond networking via the whatsapp groups only.

No meaningful engagement towards growing or consolidating these groups took place.

If you look at for Nigerians, Ethiopians and Bangladeshi diaspora communities for example, they meet regularly and are very supportive of each other that they lift each other up.

Zimbabweans in general ingori mazvake mazvake. Yet we are one of the most literate people on the continent but cannot collectively come together as a community and uplift each other.

That is what Proudly 263 Global is trying to achieve. To build a formidable business community that will see our fellow kith and kin interact, do business amongst each other and share opportunities within us or referring each other to outside opportunities that may need the ubandant skills that our people have.

The idea is to empower, inspire, help develop and grow Zimbabwean businesses to a world class standard of service delivery and entrepreneurship.

Another example is the Jewish community and of late the French community have these networking events. As well as the even the Portuguese community they annually hold an event Lusito.

That is where we are coming from so the Launch and Trade Fair by Proudly 263 seeks to start developing these important community partnerships. It cuts across all sectors that Zimbabweans are involved in, in business.

Some are involved in Construction, Business Solutions, Media, Finance, Catering, Vehicle Repairs and Panel Beating, Transport and Logistics, Beauty Products and Services, Retail and a lot more.

Bringing these people together to take advise, inspiration, support, networking and business exchanges is what we seek. To be a proud and formidable community that can be recognized locally, in Zimbabwe and abroad.

I implore every Zimbabwean to come to this event of the 18th of May in Kempton Park at the AFM and church venue to learn and to network.

You can also come in as an exhibitor to showcase your products and services. Business card for exchanging with others. Key speakers will be there to coach and inspire.

Sife Makwara is director of marketing at Proudly263Global


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