Bad News: Zimbabwean newspapers no longer worth the paper that they print on


By Nariti Luboza

This week I made some general comments, which were challenged by the news crew at Zimbabwe Digital News, and I didn’t think it being a mountain issue. I am principled and I love my country.

Mumba kana muine zvinenge zvichikanganisika we barely hear it from the next door. They fix their own issues mumba imomo without blowing trumpets.

I know that as Zimbabwe we are in a bad state economically and I cannot run away from the fact that I am struggling, and failing to feed my family.

But that on it’s own is not a ticket for me to go round and round pointing fingers to the challenges being faced. I must do what is right.

Many papers (not only SA even ours here) sell stories for the sake of money. They look for stories which people want to hear and they make money. Logically, that’s business but ETHICALLY is that business? No

So my argument to those who engage themselves in publishing is that I encourage them to see good from bad and encourage people to do WHAT IS RIGHT and do the good that is there.

Remember in the Bible God promised the children of Israel that I will give you land flowing with milk and honey but they were moulding bricks with saliva and burning them with straw.

Even when they went into Canaan they spies had different reports – two out ten brought positive news when the other ten focused on the negative.
Result : only the two from the the twelve enjoyed the promise. So negativity destroys !!!!

There are so many opportunities in Zimbabwe than bad. There are so many projects that can be done here than hearing the failures of leadership (whether in church or in the nation).

I haven’t seen any local newspaper that talks about opportunities of businesses in Zim apart from hearing fights against parties, corruption

News should be there to encourage us to be entrepreneurs than to complain. I haven’t seen any local newspaper that talks about opportunities of businesses in Zim apart from hearing fights against parties, corruption etc (please get me right I don’t mean to say these should not be talked about but if you compare the ratio it’s 97% bad against 3% good).

Our ratio should be the other way round. (Disclaimer : I am not a politician but a true and faithful Christian, so whatever I say is independently views from the Bible and ethics)

I ask people around complaining every day about the economy as I interact with them. Many of them do not even know of investment opportunities which we have right now.

Personally I took two people from two major political parties (on different occasions) to the Zimbabwe Women Empowerment Bank for them to kick start projects – which they didn’t know about.

Today they are smiling they took that move. This is not talked about in the newspapers, so many people miss these opportunities.

So this is what I trying to say that news writers should be informing people about these developments.

Where is Pastor Choto’s story of partnerships and encouragement? Is that not good news to report in the press?

People complain and talk too much because they have nothing to do. Corruption is there because there is nothing to take home.

So when people are made aware of opportunities in this country, corruption will decline, governance will improve etc.

Look at what Pastor Choto is doing right now through these campaigns – he is encouraging people to partner with him from whichever angle of desirable interest.

Now pastors (and general public) have seen an opportunity which they thought they would never have in life.

This is what I was trying to put across. I wasn’t demeaning or accusing the SA papers but I was trying to air concerns that at least lets receive more good news than bad.

I don’t read much from the newspapers these days because I got angry by the day of what I heard from the papers. So I chose to hear what builds my being than that which destroys my HOPE.

So in short this was my argument. I think I have clarified my statement. (I did not delve much on the paper because I don’t have the copy for reference)

I close my case.

Nariti Luboza is with the North Side Community Church. The views expressed here are his own.


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