200 poems, plus 150 songs – and it’s smooth sailing with the 100 Sailors



God created us in his image, but we came out differently. God created us, sculptured us in a way to form ladies in a unique shape to the male counterpart.

He painted us and some came out with a white paint, others with a black paint. So in general, God is an artist and we’re his poetry, his portraits and his music.

Art is in my DNA

I’m an artist, we’re all artists and besides love; art makes the world go round. Art shapes the world, it shapes how we live, how we see each other and also how we want people to look at us.

Inspire people through art and never be ashamed to be the artist you want to be. My art skills are different from yours so do your thing, express yourself and change the world.

People need to understand life, change their ways, love each other through art.
One artist told me that everyone is an artist but what separates us is passion.

All my life I never saw myself as an artist until the day I wrote my first piece and that was in 2018.

Twenty-four years as an ordinary man and one moment changed everything. The history defines me as Martin Chivaku, the present and future will define me as Martin Chivaku the artist.

Everybody has art in their DNA and we’re all waiting for the day that the sense of art will be activated or revealed.

My meeting with people like Cynthia Hakutangwi, Patience Gumbo, Takudzwa Chikepe and the sailors was the big breakthrough I wanted.

Five months knowing the sailors, I’ve about 200 poems in my name, about 150 songs and the sailing goes on till my fingers are frozen stiff. Even if my fingers are stiff, I’ll still remain a sailor as my mind has a sixth sense; the sense of art.

The good thing about art is it entertains the listeners, the readers as much as it entertains the artist.

I express myself through lyrics and poems. I try to address topical issues through poems.

One poem I’ll be willing to share with, is one entitled, “Skeletons in the closets”, which is basically a poem about how we’re slowly becoming extinct because of hate. I hope you’ll enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed watching every moment of the pen dripping its blue blood on the white paper.

Skeletons in the closet

A lot of lives are compromised
A lot of lives are lost for nothing
Can we trace the cause of death?
No! They died of natural causes!

Skeletons in the closets!
Nobody is cleaning out the closets!

The dead souls are now trapped on our clothes _
Like colognes _ death our body odor.
Washing machines can only remove stains _
But not the smell of rotten death!

Like rats, we dying in desperation _
To feed our souls with crumbs.
And we’ve been blinded to the light
As we became prophets of the dark side!

Skeletons in the closets!
Nobody is cleaning out the closets!

We smoking the cremated bodies of our relatives.
Getting rid of hangover with our brothers’ blood.
Feeding on their hearts to destroy love for good _
We becoming cannibalistic every single day!

Faith is for us mortals _
The gods just need to believe in themselves

Join hate because you’re too weak to beat hate
Perish in the lonely jungle if you try to fight hate!

Skeletons in the closets!
Nobody is cleaning out the closets!

We’re fighting hate with hate _
Generating more hate for hate
And it’s the hate that keeps us alive _
But hate kills us slowly and I hate _
Dying unknowingly because I hate _
My brother for whatever reason _
Within my control!

By Martin Chivaku


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