In life, there is no microwave success. Plan, develop, grow and conquer your challenges



By Dr Tich Tanyanyiwa


One of my favorite habits is reading what I would call “rags to riches” stories and analyzing what happened to this person that provoked them to be tired of the status quo and begin to do something differently that brought them out of the ‘rags’.

These stories teach me that it will take personal will power to move oneself from a particular place to another. One common factor in all the ‘rags to riches’ stories is that the people involved got tired of being in that situation and wanted a change (i.e. here).

Secondly, they were willing to pay the price to move to a different situation (i.e. there). ‘There’ in this instance, denotes a place of desired success.

It is my hope and trust that as you go through this book, you will simultaneously go through the process of changing your paradigms from: failure to success; comfort and satisfaction to ‘I can do better’; despair to hope; disappointment to achievement; mental slavery to mental freedom; laziness to diligence. I strongly believe you can change your life!

When you make the decision to move from here (slavery) to there (freedom), you are ready for the rest of the lessons embedded in this book.

Most importantly, your conviction and commitment to change should equate to that of a man who looks at his field and decides he wants to venture into some serious farming.

He has to repair the fence and the infrastructure on his farm. Thereafter, he has to design a plan or strategy on how he can make the field/farm productive. The ultimate goal is to make the field/farm a source of livelihood, not just for him, but for the entire community or even other communities.

To achieve this massive goal, he might have to repair or put in a new irrigation system, remove rocks, uproot shrubs and bushes (which might diminish production).

Thereafter, he might have to do a soil-crop suitability analysis – what crops will be suitable for the soil type on his farm. Notice that this is already a lot of work before he even makes a cent out of the farm.

But do not be discouraged (Galatians 6:9), he is headed in the right direction.

One of my greatest satisfactions is when I am training Pastors on Church Planting for community transformation. The course is designed to help the trainees to have a paradigm shift to see their church plant as a fruitful field that will bring blessing to many.

When I look at the completed church plant strategies after the course I see that there has been a shift in seeing the greater work that goes along with church plant.

What is most outstanding is the realization that training, teaching and empowerment can bring about the mindset spoken about in the preceding chapters.

In life, there is no get rich-quick plan

Any person can become a fruitful field when they make the decision to do some work.The challenge people often face is that they want a get-rich-quick plan, what I could call microwave success. Sadly though, there is no such thing, unless you are willing to invest and grow and develop the wealth you desire through diligence work.

There are so many offers on the Internet that promise you can make a lot of money over night. If this were true then these same people would not be plaguing us with spam and hundreds of undesired adverts.

Proverbs 21:5 reminds us that; careful planning puts you ahead in the long run; hurry and scurry puts you further behind (The Message Bible). I have seen this in the lives of many people.

They want to rush “success” and make things happen as soon as yesterday. However; if you want to have sustainable, ongoing and on-growing success, having a clear plan of execution is fundamental. In Proverbs 13:11, we are sternly warned again that we should build our success progressively by diligence; the new King James Bible says “Wealth gained by dishonesty will be diminished; but he who gathers by labor will increase”

The Message Bible puts it in an interesting way; “Easy come, easy go, but steady diligence pays off.

The day you decide to transform your life for the better is a great day, albeit just the beginning. In order to follow-through on the plan that you set up, you will need personal commitment. The people that have ‘made it’ in life are those who have been determined to press-on despite the challenges and opposition that come.

This is one area (i.e. opposition and challenges) many people do not like. We tend to want things (e.g. opportunities, success, wealth) to come easy.

This echoes what has been presented before: people with a negative sense of self-entitlement do not want to pay the price for living well, progressing in business, progressing in school, securing jobs and acquiring resources (e.g. houses, vehicles).

Unfortunately, success does not come in the same mold as free lunch; someone has to pay for it. The issue of what hard work and commitment will do on your success factor is be expounded in later Chapters.

Dr Tich Tanyanyiwa is Senior Pastor and Chief Executive Officer of Prevailing word Ministers. He was the main speaker at Proudly263Global Trade Fair and Launch.



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