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Teemil is a concept of a team of a million answers. We provide various options to go around a challenge. Our company was conceived in 2012. Our approach, ideology, vision, knowhow and expertise surpass our age by far.

At inception our main focus was on occupational Safety, Health and Environmental issues.

We have since extended our arm into supplying educational materials that are science oriented to learning institutions such as colleges and schools.

Under our banner we offer Safety courses and other soft courses, do safety inspections and procurement.

Through the leadership of our Director, Mr Trust Sibanda, we gained a reputation of being the people’s first choice of many organisations that sub contract us, individual companies that hire us and many friends in business who consider us to be their referral choice.

Our services are not only South African configured but they also meet International standards and as such we are comfortable to offer our services even beyond South African boarders.

We aim to provide companies and individuals with the means of reducing workplace fatalities by a bigger percentage hence reducing losses as well as increasing productivity and at the sam

Teemil Safety Health and Environmental Consultants

The company was registered in 2012 in Ebony Park Midrand under the Directorship of Trust Sibanda. We opened our doors to the public in 2015 where our main focus was workplace inspections and also running Safety Expos around the country on behalf of our clients.

We aim to be a force to reckon with when it comes to ensuring a zero percent harm in workplaces. We have a moral duty in ensuring that people do not lose breadwinners due to work related issues.

We enter into the space through training as we are all aware that a trained person is well equipped.

In 2017 we rebranded and adopted the red theme which saw us coming up with the new logo and a new scope of work. Our core business after rebranding is offering Occupational Safety and Health Training Services on both accredited and non accredited courses.

Our role is to help companies to comply with the demands and expectations of the Department of Labour in ensuring the safety of employees through training as per the requirements of the Occupational Health and Safety Act 85/1993 and the National Environmental Management Act 107/1998.

We offer courses such as First Aid, Legal Liability, Risk Assessments, SHE Rep, Environmental Law among others.

We work with renowned and experienced Facilitators, Assessors and Moderators who help us deliver on quality which gives our client value for their hard earned cash.

In ensuring that we maintain high standards we have strategic partners like Movingdot and Progressive School of Business and Engineering whom we work with to evaluate the relevance of the content deliver to our clients.

In ensuring that clients comply, Teemil also produces Safety Files and do safety inspections. On the environmental side we also do Environmental Impact Assessments before major projects commence.

Our services are not only offered in South Africa but so far we have also exported our services regionally to countries like Namibia and Tanzania doing Safety Trainings, how to avoid property damage at workplaces and loss of lives.





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