Caveman of Africa: Roots and Identity: August Collection: Here we come, Afrocentric


By Jabulani Zvinavashe


The Caveman collection has been not yet been told properly. And here, you are reading it in text, for the first time.

Watching any cable news on or about Africa, you would think that the continent has nothing good coming out of it – • corrupt government leaders, •genocide, •diseases recking villages, •famine destroying communities, •xenophobia attacks on fellow African brothers, •army taking over government through a coup de tat…the list is sordid, and it is endless.

….but all these don’t define the real Africa, the motherland that is endowed with great natural resources, great climate, rich fertile land, diversity through different rich cultures and above all: THE SPIRIT OF UBUNTU!

THE CAVEMAN COLLECTION – an Afrocentric clothing brand, comes in using fashion ad clothing as an avenue or medium to tel an African story from an African percepetive by Africans to the World at large.

We’re an IDENTITY of the original African before contamination by other foreign cultures as much as we appreciate them, we still have to retain our original rich identity that makes us who we are – AFRICAN.

The Caveman collection as a brand name and iconic footprint emblem tries to convey its African roots and identity. The name came to be as a way of identifying with the earliest shelter of our forefathers – the cave, giving it a strong rock solid foundation.

The iconic footprint stands for all that is African:

• the five toes represents the BIG 5 GAME ANIMALS that have been known for being the most difficult to hunt by foot and are still roaming around in the African jungles even to this day as these are – the lion, the elephant, the rhinoceros, the leopard and the African buffalo.

The middle section (sole) is an African map – the land of rich diversity but united as one, THE REAL FIRST WORLD.

The lower section (heel) is a juxtaposed Zimbabwean map. The original birth place of the brand, proudly Zimbabwean yet still full of African Ubuntu.

The jagged edges of the footprint represents the original African foot that never put on a shoe.

The footprint in itself represents motion. As a people, Africans have been developing from one stage of development to another and never been stagnant and we still moving forward even against all odds.

HELLO SAHWIRA has brought one of the characteristics of an African persona, oneness and uplifting our neighbors in order to succeed as a united community than as individuals.

It became easy for us to as an AFRICAN IDENTITY to associate and collaborate with Proudly 263 Global and partners’ initiative.

Forever grateful to be part of the first Trade Fair and hope it grows like veld fire and create a massive business community united to inspire the next African generation.


Zvinavashe is creator and owner of The Caveman Collection.




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