Voice, action and creativity: R1000 everyday winners promotion for Zororo Phumulani policy holders


By Ian Chirongoma


Zororo Phumulani this week announced a R1000 everyday winners promotion to be won for the best customer experience video posted on social media.

The exciting promotion was announced during a live video broadcast by the company CEO Edwin Anderson this week.

Mr Anderson went live in a scheduled Facebook address to deal with a basket of frequently asked questions.

The R1000 everyday winners promotion is aimed at rewarding the company’s loyal policy holders, and will stimulate social media interest in the company’s products and services as the promotion is designed to encourage voice, action and creativity in social media and marketing promotion.

To win, Zororo Phumulani clients must collect their card from the company’s branches, record a 30-second video of themselves talking about the company’s services or products, and send it to Zororo-Phumulani on Facebook.

The video that receives the most likes and shares for that day wins the R1000 up for grabs – daily.

To qualify one must be a registered (card-carrying) Zororo Phumulani policy holder and their policy must be up to date. The clients can only send one video. The promotion will run from the 25th of June, to the 15th of December.

“We want to show our clients that we are committed to printing cards hence we started the collect-and-win promotion,” said Mr Anderson.

The company also announced the development of a mobile application that will give clients access to basic information.

Policy holders will be able to add or remove dependents, view financial statements, generate reference numbers, download policy documents and to download digital membership cards. The app will be on Google Play store, and the date of the launch will be announced as soon as the app is up and running.

Frequently asked questions

Mr Anderson also addressed a number of frequently asked questions, including:

How to join or the joining process?
There are three methods clients can use to join. They can either visit the office, register through field agent or through the Call Centre. All methods are legit. The agents are certified to provide the services and can produce a mandate or certificate proving that indeed they are employees of Zororo-Phumulani.

How does the policy work?

Zororo provides repatriation and funeral services to all foreign nationals from the SADC region resident in South Africa. Zimbabweans can transfer their membership to Doves Zimbabwe should they decide to move back to Zimbabwe. Repatriation is either by road or by air. If a client opts for repatriation by air the family of the deceased pays for customs duties at the receiving airport. The main member must be older than 18 and younger than 65. Extended family members cannot be older than 85

Can I get my money back after cancelling?

A funeral plan is not a financial asset. Zororo-Fhumulani offers only funeral cover. Once you sign up you can only benefit in the form of funeral cover. No money will be paid back even if the client did not claim.

Where can I pay?

There are two methods of payment. Clients can either pay cash at Pick n Pay, Shoprite, Checkers, Woolworths, Boxer, Ackerman or any shop with a PayAt sign

Where can I get my membership card?

Zororo-Phumulani opened 14 offices in South Africa. There is an office in every province. Once a client receives a message notifying them that the card is ready for collection, they can visit the office closest to them to collect their card.

How to cover family members in Zimbabwe?
Family members in Zimbabwe can be covered as a family or as an extended family. One’s immediate family is their spouse and children. Only 6 children can be covered under family. If a client has more than 6, the other children fall under extended family. Second spouse or anyone who doesn’t fall under immediate family can only be covered as extended family members.

What happens when I fail to pay, can I re-register again?
When a client registers for the first time, all their information is recorded and stored in digital format. The information can be retrieved at any time. Clients can then be able to reactivate their accounts at any time. Clients are also allowed to make changes to their policies at any time

What happens if I miss payments?
If a client misses one-month payment their account is suspended and they are expected to pay double the following month. If they skip two months without paying the policy will lapse. Clients can claim from suspended accounts but cannot claim from lapsed accounts.

Can I cover my granny who is 80?
Extended family members who are not over 85 years can be covered on this policy but they cannot be policyholders.

Follow Zororo Phumulani on social media to get more details about the R1000 everyday winners promotion. Details: 081 759 2142.


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