Mazvake Mazvake continues unabated for Zimbabweans in the diaspora


By Sife Makwara


As Zimbabweans we are very well known in the diaspora communities for being self-centered in that we do not necessarily look after each other in promoting or doing business together.

There is so much mentality of looking down on each other than encouraging and supporting.

We recently opened a Zimbabwean Food restaurant and takeaways, Delight Foods in Johannesburg South and I have witnessed some my closest friends did not even congratulate
us, or even to come through and see the small investment we put together.

I was surprised and instead, my homeboys are now more scarce than before.

This is a sorry state of affairs.

The thing is we do not want to see a fellow countryman succeeding better than us.

The amount of skills and expertise of Zimbabweans, particularly in South Africa is way superior and in abundance compared to any other nationalities here.

In recent years we have witnessed a sprouting of self employed or small Zimbabwean business entities aligned to these various skills.

The sad story is that we are failing to coordinate those rich skills and expertise to uplift each other.

It is all – MAZVAKE MAZVAKE – Each man for himself.

If one finds a lucrative idea, no one wants to share it even if they would not have the capability to take it themselves.

A great example of a working community in the world is the Jewish community.

Where ever they are in any part of the world, they coordinate their resources and link each other properly and end up dominating that country’s economy.

They have regular meetings and if one of them dies, they do everything according to their culture and value system. They are the wealthiest community in the world.

Nigerians, Somalians, Bangladeshi, etc all have strong communities that help uplift their kith and kin, they meet regularly to share experiences and support each other in identifying opportunities and starting businesses.

As Proudly263Global, we seek to do that; to enhance our livelihoods through networking and doing business amongst ourselves.

We are Sahwiras/Izihlobo and are determined to tap into each other by creating trade fair events and networking opportunities where we buy from each other, exchange business cards/contacts for future business transactions or referrals.

We will win as we are very focused on this having started in Kempton Park in May, now we have events lined up in Randburg this Saturday the 13th of July, Benoni next Saturday the 20th all confirmed and a proposed one in Kempton Park again on the 27th.

Let’s change our narrative and create one of the most successful communities ever by supporting these initiatives we are putting together.

Makwara is Head of Communities at Proudly263Global. 




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