JM Busha challenges Zimbabweans to lay the financial groundwork for their future

By Zimbabwe Digital News


This week Zimbabwe Digital News was at the Proudly263Global Service Providers lunch, where we caught up with one of Zimbabwe’s Presidential candidates, Joseph Busha of JM Busha Investment Group.

He laughed out aloud after Zimbabwe Digital News reminded him of his golf techniques at Pretoria Country Club, where he angled the length of his shot, with an outstretched arm, golf club sling over his shoulder, as he took aim like a hunter pointing a rifle.

Up – down, to-the-left, to-the-right, he shields his eyes from the sun, tests the wind, and then strolls up to the ball, and in a split-second, smacks it. Into the trees.

“Ha, ha, ha…” he laughed aloud, saying that our newspaper had studied his technique on the golf course, but it was a formula that did not apply in financial investment.

Makamba Busha, who came 4th in Zimbabwe’s presidential elections in August 2018, said the politics of Zimbabwe was a constant dispute and even the results that placed him fourth – after Mnangagwa, Chamisa, Khupe… would remain a matter of debate.

His knowledge of African investment financials is not in doubt, his business operates in seven African countries, and his current book of life insurance is 25000 members, in a business that he programmed himself.

Busha told Proudly263Global service providers this week that his business JM Busha Investment, asset management, banking and life insurance had consolidated into a regional business – but he had to endure instances of racism where property owners had refused to work with him or sell to him, purely because he is a black person.

He narrated how he had built the business from scratch, but now not only was he a recognisable business analyst on BusinessDay TV, on Kaya FM, on ENCA and other channels, but had gone on to challenge in the Zimbabwe Presidential elections in 2018, coming in a credible forth, after Mnangagwa, Chamisa and Khupe.

“I have a formula for my business, but I also had a formula for the Presidential elections of Zimbabwe. Remember that there is a formula for everything in life, but not all formulas work for all situations,” he said.

“In life there is a give and take, but for many of us as Zimbabweans in the diaspora, remember that because you are not a South African, some doors will never open for you. So our business solutions are designed to say that even if you work in SA, you will be able to access you money anywhere you go on the continent.”

He challenged Zimbabweans in the diaspora to do a risk assessment of their lives, and said that he was prepared to listen to all business and investment initiatives for those willing to breathe new lives into their businesses.

“If you are already operating at a deficit today, challenges yourself to find the time to reform and say: what am I doing to operate at a surplus. Remember that life on its own is expensive. If you were to live to be a a hundred years, will you be able to look after yourself, and will you have enough money to take care of your needs?

“Remember that things do not always work to your envisionment so the challenge that I live to you as Zimbabwe is that you must prepare for tomorrow, while managing your situation today,” he said.

JM Busha is now working with top financial institutions in SA to roll out innovative financial products for the previously unbanked, and one of them will be an investment scheme for the average Joe who works with curios and crafts, selling his wares off the streets, as this category of people constituted a growth market which big insurers had struggled to penetrate.


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