In the swing at Randpark Firethorn: Brawlers unite against gender-based violence


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This week over 40 Brawlers Golf Society members descended on Randpark Firethorn golf course to take part in a golfing event themed “Brawlers Against Gender-Based Violence”.

Len Magara top scored, winning the day with 40 points, but it was an unusual three-way tie with Tyga, Martin Ncube and Ashton Sunga all ending at 36 points, with Thembinkosi Masinga and Frank Thema wrapping up the top 6 finish.

The rest of the top ten finish had to settle for a six-way tie as all of Albert Chikumbu, Allistair Magumise, Norman, Ngoni Munetsi, Taps Chisango, Tau Nkomo, Wesley Ncube and Mhishi were all separated by just one point.

Prizes on the day were sponsored by Arkein Capital Partners (Arkein).

Speaking during the prize giving ceremony that evening, Rob Mhishi, Arkein’s Chief Operating Officer, said, “Our company is proud to be associated with a group that is putting a firm stand against the scourge of Gender Based Violence and Abuse of Minors by men in our society,” Mhishi said.

He added that every Brawler had a duty to fight gender abuse, especially that of women and children, by pointing it out among friends and peers, correcting rebuking, and reporting the perpetrators at every opportunity.

If everyone, particularly men, played their part, society as a whole will surely feel the positive impact.

Mhishi shared a testimonial from a tweet which he came across not so long ago, where a lady tweeted “almost every woman that I know has been abused, or knows someone that is a victim of gender abuse, but all men that I know do not know of any abuser”.

That’s telling, isn’t it? He urged all men to speak out and address issues of gender-based violence, whether emotional or physical.

Victims needed to be supported and encouraged to speak out and supported by other males who can be effective agents in influencing their male counterparts in stopping gender based violence and abuse of minors.

Concluding, he added that Arkein will continue to be associated with programmes aimed at addressing issues of gender-based violence though awareness campaigns and sponsorship/support of initiatives on the matter and invited all in attendance to do the same.


Next Brawl: Friday October 4, Kyalami Golf Club


Results: Randpark Firethorn


1. Len M 40
2. Tyga 36 C/I
3. Martin N 36
4. Ashton S 36
5. Thembinkosi M 35
6. Frank T 35
7. Albert C 34
8. Allistair 34
9. Norman 34
10. Ngoni M 33
11. Taps 33
12. Prez Tau 33
13. Wesley 33
14. Rob 33
15. Simba T 32
16. Simukai 32
17. Kudzi 31
18. Washy M 31
19. Rapha 31
20. Isadore M 31
21. Farai C 28
22. Fidel 28
23. Bruce 27
24. Don C 26
25. Oliver C 26
26. Innocent 25
27. Ishmael 24
28. Hope 23
29. Raymond B 23
30. Ashley R 23
31. Farai Z 23
32. Kuda 23
33. Trevor 22
34. Will K 21
35. Jealous 20
36. Albert M 19
37. Lance 18
38. Leo M 16
39. Tendai L 9

NTP 17th Ngoni M
NTP 8th Simba T
LD 12 Prez Tau Nkomo
LD 2nd Prez Tau Nkomo

Longest Day – Tendai L 9

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Ready golf takes effect, and Ovid Chitsiku plays steady to take the honours at Firethorn


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