Zimbabwe ambassador to Botswana makes a turn, to watch Zim Dancehall at Newtown


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No less a figure than Zimbabwe’s ambassador to Botswana – Batiraishe Mukonoweshuro – were in the VIP box at Newtown Music factory this week – to watch Summer Mu Garden, featuring Winky D, Gemma Griffiths, and the Vigilance Band

Gemma Griffiths akatamba kusvika butsu yatsemuka but the promoters and her handlers dismissed the resultant social media uproar that ensued, as a marketing gimmick.

“No will want to remember show for Gemma’s shoe. Infact it was a marketing trick, and you wear those type of shoes like that,” said Grand Timeless Brands promoter, Brian Changamire.

While much will be made of the stage presence ya Winky D – by the end it was The Vigilance band (Zealman Munengu, Kudakwashe Mucheche, and Tafadzwa Marova) that underlined its status as a well-oiled outfit –  with an emphatic message that read: It is the rhythm afterall (drum, bass and lead) that makes the difference between live music, and playing music on the speakers.

GTB declared victory after this week’s production, saying they had expected 1000 people to turn up, at least 700 came and despite last minute double booking queries at Bassline, the show went ahead, and very smoothly.

Chi-Gaffa chechi Elder proved once and for all, he his a superstardom of modern dancehall music, and is – without doubt – a modern celebrity of the Zim Dancehall industry.

He showed why, sending the crowd crazy with hits Musatirwadzise, Mu garden and Disappear, much to the excited delirium of the fans in the stands.

GTB said the event lived to its expectations. Fans got value for their money as the headline artist Winky D entertained fans to the full – and if no less than the ambassador could make a turn for such a drawcard – then it had to be worth every minute.

“As GTB we were overwhelmed by the turnout. It was just magical as we were not expecting many people to come through due to the criminality of looting shops which had been experienced in the past few weeks,” Changamire said.

“For a venue of 1300 capacity, this was full value to get way over half, its a victory. The artist lived up to expectation as he managed to command the crowd which went ballistic during his performance.”

With the Gemma challenge fans GTB said that fans had failed to catch “the dirty vans challenge”, an international fashion trend with the likes of David Beckham doing the same.

Knox made a surprise appearance on stage as he came to support his child hood friends. MC Merciless from Zimbabwe’s Power FM showed no mercy with his raucous performance in a lineup that also featured DJ Charlie Ban, DJ Rico Meyers, DJ Virgo, Vinno, DJ Shony, SVS International.

The programme was hosted by DJ Backspin courtesy of GTB.

With Winky D live performance and other artist following suit of the use of live band definitely there is a big growth with the Zimdancehall, the promoters said.

GTB promised more annual events which will be inclusive of the whole family headlined by prominent artists as well as upcoming artists,

And in that melee at Newtown, Zimbabwe’s ambassador to Botswana joined in, sipping his whiskey by the corner, and checking out the proceedings.


Winky D, Gemma Griffiths and the Vigilance Band. Bad news coming to the Music Factory


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