Zimbabwe businessman scores deal to supply maize to the Democratic Republic of Congo



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Businessman and politician, Dr Marco Machona has scored a multi-million rand deal to supply maize to the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Documents seen by this newspaper this week showed that Machona’s Premier Milling was appointed as the official agent to supply maize, copper and associated grains in a deal that is a culmination of years of hard work in agriculture and food security, and it was time to get into serious logistics.

Dr Machona is leader of The African Democrats (TAD).

“Besides growing up on a farm, I have taught in four Zim Secondary Schools on Science and Agriculture.

Establishment of Machona Foods is a natural progression supported by research and business innovation.

Machona foods was established in 2016 while Machona was studying food security.

This week the company announced a ground breaking agreement with Pride Milling, partner in export of both grain and processed foods to Zimbabwe, DRC, Mozambique, Kenya and Angola.

“We realised that we need to understand not just food production but storage, management of silos, cooperatives and distribution, and grain traders as huge players in addressing food security.

“We signed another agreement with a commodity broker in Dubai, and Machona Foods assumed a new business portfolio to manage and participate grain world trading.

The signed Naam Commodity Company contract was exclusive to Machona Foods, for whole of Africa, to both import and export animal and human foods, which is an agreement of to empower a new food brand.

We went to Ukraine to address food supply for different communities.

A new Machona Foods with our Ukraine agent was signed to give access to grain in Ukraine and meet Africa demands, the document said.

Currently, Machona Foods is contracted to supply grain to DRC Katanga Province.

The relationship between Machona Foods and SADC governments, places the new company right in the plans of public-private sector partnerships in food security.

“It’s really an honour to discuss food security with governments to address food security in Africa. It’s my greatest honour to be playing a role in addressing food security in my continent. It’s like I am playing the role of Joseph in the bible,” Machona said.

The agreements between Machona Foods and SA prominent foods processing companies gives the company an exposure to a dozen milling plants dotted across South Africa. It places Machona Foods right at the apex of food industry and understanding the complexities of land reform in SA.

Machona Food is set to establish presence at the Messina in partnership with SA’s Economic Processing Zone, a proposal advanced by the SA govt to improve export businesses.
He said that the business model had come from his thesis at Wits, and he had used the template to bridge the gap of food shortages, and creation of employment.



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