Truth is in your voice. Truth is what we need #The 100 Sailors


By Takudzwa Chikepe


And truth is all we need
And truth is all we denied
Away from truth ours systems
Of governance and development
In Africa, will only remain a dream.

Truth is our right and truth challenges
All lies! We lie to each other everyday
And the one with the biggest lies
Is the one elevated to power
More like in lying we
Compete so as to
Live a life of

These are all lies!
Once you don’t figure
Out the truth, you will remain
In the same state of mind and facing
And the same calculated moves
And consequences!

The truth
Will unmask
Us from the bondage
Of poverty and give us
A fair share to speech and
The spoils of Victor and Victim!

Because one rich man once said
‘I will not listen to you because
You are poor!’ Voice! Do we
Have a voice? And whose
Voice are we carrying?

Wouldn’t it surprise us to see the rich
People genuinely campaigning for
The emancipation of the poor?
Karl Max, Karl Max_Karl Max
Why did you die so poor
Yet so powerful? Will
Africa also die so
Poor one day
Yet so…

We have got a
Form of power but
We deny its power! Shame
On us failing to create our own
System of governance that addresses
All our problems! Like a blind man
Walking in a dangerous jungle
We live to celebrate that
At least we are alive!

Ok fine! Speak it out
Speak the truth out of you!
No one dares to! In different
Chains we make noise not of
Any protest_but of scaring each
Other and laughing at each other

Saying_I am
Better than Robert, Jacob
And whosoever you
Think you are
Better than!

The truth
Is all we need
And the truth is
All we want! To be
Ourselves than living
A lifestyle of chasing what
We will never be! This is a rabbit
My dog run my dog run a
Rabbit dish is waiting
For you at the end
Of the race_He
Said! Yet it was
A plastic rabbit!

And the day before yesterday I saw a
Dog wearing a school uniform and I
Asked myself! Is this still a dog or
It is now a school child going
Going to school?

Hence, someone will automatically say
A dog will remain a dog be it in the
School uniform or off the school

Unless, one day_we will simply say…
Good morning Mr Dog, how is
You and your family?

These are all lies!
My child wake up
And tell me the truth.

“These are all lies”

*VaChikepe:The Poet*

#Inspired By Life of an Artist, Zimbabwe Digital News, B. Dube, Pakare Paye PaMtukudzi And The #100 Sailors
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