A Village in Mars. Breakfast in (teapot country) Zimbabwe. Many different mornings

By Takudzwa Chikepe


I will eat
My breakfast
With corn! Not just corn
But with mealie meal
Not just mealie meal
But with porridge
Not just porridge
But with sadza
Not just sadza
But unrefined

I will eat
My breakfast
With a cow! Not just a cow
But with cow breasts
Not just cow breasts
But with milk
Not just milk
But with sour milk!

Bread has become so expensive!
As if it is now only eaten by
Those people who travel
From one country to
Another and by air!
Yes by air!

Who dares to say
I eat bread everyday
And I will eat it for the
Rest of my life?

You all to our
Village! Today I
Will be eating my
Sadza and sour milk
For breakfast!

Don’t worry about salt!
We will use it_the day we
Will eat meat!

And don’t worry about
Sugar for tea! We are not
Sure when_tea will visit us
Hence, I will use it in my sour
Milk, today!

After all!
Meat, salt
And sugar are
Being accused of
Being agents of different
Carnivorous_devouring diseases!

I am not sure…
About bread!
What diseases
Are we accruing
From bread by the way?

Or no diseases
We will not die! Even
It means eating different
Grass of the forests we will eat!

Slowly we are becoming herbalists
And traditional healers and the
List goes on and on and on!

Who dares to switch of the light
On us? Even in the dark_we
Will see each other’s dark
Faces scare the ghosts
Away and locate the
Light switch

We will not fail!

And even if we fail…
Pain may endure in the night
But joy comes in the

Are we still on earth?

Even if this was a village in Mars
…many different mornings at
Any given time we were
Going to experience…

If not! Then we will not stop
Migrating from one planet
To another! The hottest
And the coldest
Counted in

Rescuing that Nigerian astronaut and
Brother lost in space_along the way
And bringing him back home!

For my mother told me…
North, East, West and South
Which place is best?

‘Home is best!’.

“A Village In Mars”

*VaChikepe:The Poet*

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Kenneth Chikanga, [23.10.19 15:00]
Ha ha ha Samaz! You have inspired me to write something. I will post soon ☺️⛓🧟‍♂🤝

Kenneth Chikanga, [23.10.19 15:01]
Ha ha ha 🤣

There is no hunger in Zimbabwe
But sadza we cooking like
No man’s business
Visit a household
During the
Breakfast times
Definitely you will
Remember to thoroughly
Wash your hands after the meal!

I posed my Elon Musk studies
Of going to the Moon and Mars
To carry out this research and the
Results I found out in our community
Are amazingly awesome! It is either
We are slowly turning into a
Village or we becoming
A country of ourselves
Different and peculiar
Beyond a measure
Or measurement

We will continue
To watch and see
If another migration
From this our planet
Is inevitable or not…

I have now closed my left eye
And widely opened my right eye
To pray as I continue to write more
Of all these we coming across in this
Our beautiful teapot country_Zimbabwe
The breadbasket of Africa!

Once a human being
We will forever be human beings
Be it rich or poor, able or disabled
Happy or unhappy, dark or light
Pretty or ugly! We still people
In our own lives!

For there is no one
Who can live in another’s
Life! Demons haven’t released
That syllabus! Even our brothers
Walking in gravity and out of gravity
They haven’t started to transform into
Different I don’t knows…

It is just October hot_but
I still believe that the rains will come!

I will eat my sadza as I wait for the rains!

“Waiting for the rain in Mars”

*VaChikepe:The Poet*

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