Sprinklers on the green, Remmy dislodges Osborne from the podium, thirst at the 19th


By Leo Mapfirakupa


It was another colourful day in the Ruimsig course as thirty-nine Brawlers joined the rest of the world in support of the fight against breast cancer.
As if the 41 points by Osborne Nyabeze from the previous were not high enough, on a massive 44 points off 20, Remmy scooped the first price.
Remmy’s unique powerplay is a marvel to watch, his swing is measured and on point, and his stroke on the bunker is a touch of class.
Surprised by the high number of points, the crowd cheered him on.
But his handicap was always going to be the talking point. Should it be trimmed by 2, a move that was endorsed by the Captain?
Remmy has his good day and bad days, but his bad days are not bad as Shephard Mphambela’s good days.
There were two new comers to the podium and the resilience that they exhibited, proved to all at Brawlers Golfer, that Chenge and Treasure were in the top three, to play.


There were two new comers to the podium and the resilience they exhibited easily showed that Chenge and Treasure were in the top three to stay.
Although there was intense competition on the longest day, Mphambela didn’t disappoint as he scooped the position on a count out with 11 points.
After two weeks of fame, Osborne Nyabeze missed the podium as he moved from first to tenth place on 35 points, a clear 5 points drop.
It was another bad day at the office for Captain Fidel Zimbango as he moved from third to twenty sixth position.
Brawlers were who remained at the 19th hole were thirsty as the waiters called for the last round before 20:00hrs.
Few words of displeasure were shared and the manager had to address the Brawlers with some calculations on revenue per hour. It was after this that an agreement was made and last round was to be called by 21:00.

Confirmed Results: Ruimsig Country Club

1. Remmy 44
2. Treasure 38
3. Chengeta 37
4. Tau 36
5. Serge 36
6. Ngoni 36a
7. Raphael 35
8. Albert 35
9. Simba 35
10. Ozzie 35
11. Frank 34
12. Kuda 34
13. Farai 33
14. Khamal 33
15. KC Rottock 33
16. Washy 32
17. Rob 32
18. Thembinkosi 32
19. Shepherd Mlambo 32
20. Alistair 31
21. Ray 31
22. Walter 31
23. Innocent 30
24. Tshepo 29
25. Taps 29
26. Fidel 28
27. Wesley 25
28. Isaac 27
29. Simukai 26
30. Martin 25
31. Ovid 25
32. Dini 24
33. Oliver 24
34. Cephas 22
35. Don 21
36. Shaba 21
37. Leo 11
38. Andrew 11
39. Shepherd Mphambela 11


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