Of political polarisation, and the lie of representing the people of Zimbabwe


By Prof Richard Chinomona


Zimbabwe is facing a horrible crisis of leadership. Neither MDC nor ZANU PF crop of leaders can provide the leadership that the country desperately needs now. Perhaps, after President Mnangagwa, Zimbabwe should seriously consider putting its hopes in a mature and progressive minded leadership – l suggest from the diaspora.

Perhaps, Zimbabwe needs someone who has never been involved in the dangerous polarized politics of ZANU PF and MDC.

Perhaps Zimbabwe needs a leadership that can unite the people of Zimbabwe than the current leadership that is ever dividing us for political expediency.

Perhaps Zimbabwe needs a patriotic leadership that puts the interests of the country first and protect the sovereignty of our beloved Zimbabwe.

Perhaps Zimbabwe needs a leadership with a track record of hardworking, progress and that has never been implicated in corruption scandals. Perhaps Zimbabwe needs a God fearing leadership with ethics, morals, integrity, honour and that is loving and caring of the ordinary citizens’ welfare.

May the Almighty God bless Zimbabwe with such a progressive and developmental minded leadership it so desperately deserves and requires!

Political Polarization and the Lie of Representing the People of Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe does not belong to a sole political party or few political parties. I am buffled to hear that some political parties claim to represent all the people of Zimbabwe. What a lie! The truth is that, these political parties represent only their supporters who are actually less than 50% of Zimbabwe’s population.

So how can 50% of the population be all Zimbabweans? That’s a lie – unfortunately too believed by some polarized political fanatics.

Indeed, Zimbabwe desperately needs a leadership that represent all the people of Zimbabwe. Unfortunately, at this juncture – both ZANU PF and MDC Alliance can hardly achieve that. These two political parties are too divisive and too polarized to unite the people of Zimbabwe. All they care about are their supporters and not the country itself.

ZANU PF and MDC Alliance thrives on turning the people of Zimbabwe against each other. What a shame! MDC Alliance forgets that ZANU PF supporters are also Zimbabweans and the reverse is also true.

ZANU PF thinks that Zimbabwe is for its supporters and the reverse is also true.

I believe that Zimbabwe is for everyone who lives in it – ZANU PF, MDC and all those who belongs to other political parties and those who don’t belong to any political party.

Let no political party falsely claim to be representing all the people of Zimbabwe. Let no political party continue to turn the Zimbabwean people against each other for political expediency.

The anger, hatred, bitterness and wrath that Zimbabweans have against each other because of political polarization have reached unacceptable dangerous levels. Something must be done to stop this madness.

We are all Zimbabweans. We are one people

We are all Zimbabweans. We are one people. Zimbabwe belongs to us all – good or bad. Let’s overcome our anger, hatred, bitterness and wrath against each other for the sake of our dear Zimbabwe that belongs to us all. However, only love for each other can unite us as one people. Let that love we aught to have for each other unite and bind us together as a people. Together and united as one – we can make this beloved Zimbabwe a great nation again!

Unless their is an urgent mindset change, Zimbabwe may never rise again! Our thinking, our attitudes and our actions are very wrong. We may never rebuild this Zimbabwe unless we change our thinking, our attitude and actions.

The anger, hatred, bitterness and wrath we have against each other because of political polarisation in Zimbabwe will never produce anything positive.

Only political vultures in the name of politicians or activists are benefiting from the political polarisation madness – while the poor ordinary citizens continue to live in abject poverty.

Many Zimbabweans are now literally mad unconsciously because of political polarisation. Today if you register a donkey as MDC Alliance candidate in a typical urban Constituency there is 90 – 100% that it will win that election.

Today if you put donkey in a typical rural Constituency as a ZANU PF candidate, there is 90 – 100% that it will win that election. This is now the extent of madness due to political polarisation and fanaticism by Zimbabweans and beyond.

What a shame! In simple terms some if not many Zimbabweans don’t care about the quality of the candidate they vote for – but their political party. The political party matters most to these mad political fanatics than the country itself – Zimbabwe. What a shame!

Until and unless we change our mindset and stop this political polarisation madness, Zimbabwe may never rebuild and rise again. We need a mindset change. We need unity of purpose. We need a critical mass of progressive like minded people to rebuild this beautiful Zimbabwe.

My dear fellow Zimbabweans – Let us all change our mindset before it is too late – all for the love and purpose of saving our one and only Zimbabwe from a total collapse!

May the Almighty God bless us all with the wisdom to change our mindset, find one another, unite and progress together as a nation of Zimbabwe.

Professor Richard Chinomona is with Wits University. He is a columnist for Zimbabwe Digital News.


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