l do not see Adv Nelson Chamisa genuinely winning future free and fair elections: Prof Chinomona


By Professor Richard Chinomona

President Mnangangwa’s failure to unite with the former ZANU PF splinter factions (Gamatox & G40) will come to bite him in the near future elections.

Chamisa’s failure to unite with the MDCT and other opposition parties will surely bite him too and rob him of any genuine future electoral victory. Zimbabwe’s failure to unite beyond political polarisation will definitely rob the nation of peace, stability, development, modernisation and prosperity any time soon.

President Emmerson Mnangangwa and the Unity of ZANU PF.

I have always argued consistently in my previous submissions after the military coup that I see President Munangangwa’s as a forerunner of the President who is going to take us to the “promised land of milk and honey”. Perhaps, we should not expect too much from him as a forerunner to the one to serve us all well after his Presidency.

Unfortunately, there is little that can be done to stop him from completing his ordained term(s) of office – whether we like it or not. That’s my opinion and time will correct me if am wrong in my analysis.

However, I still think that President Mnangangwa’s legacy rest in setting the foundation for Zimbabwe’s future development and prosperity agenda.

I don’t see any miraculous development of the nation during his Presidency. We might actually witness some downward episodes of economic growth unless and depending on his capacity and successes in uniting ZANU PF and the nation of Zimbabwe.

That said, his Presidency will perhaps lay a solid foundation that his successor will surely build on and prosper Zimbabwe.

I still believe that the greatest achievement President Munangangwa can do for his political party is to unite the ZANU PF factions – the Gamatox and the G40. I know it is not a kid’s play. However, if he can successfully do this – then he can be remembered as a uniting fatherly figurehead in ZANU PF.

The future undesputable ZANU PF electoral victories depends on the unite of the splinter factions. There is amazing positive power of vitory in unity and the reverse is also true. That is my opinion.

Adv Nelson Chamisa and MDC Alliance’s Success

The challenge l see facing the vibrant opposition leader Nelson Chamisa is his capacity to unite the people of Zimbabwe beyond MDC Alliance supporters. MDC Alliance currently commands the largest pool of supporters among the opposition political parties sector.

There is no doubt about it. However, my opinion is that – without the unity of all opposition political parties beyond the MDC Alliance, l do not see Adv Nelson Chamisa genuinely winning future free and fair elections – like it or not! As l said previously, there is amazing power of victory in unity.

I also see an amazing consciousness of Pan-Africanism and Patriotism wave building into a revolutionary movement in the future across the African continent.

My thinking is that any future opposition party that seriously want to remain relevant sustainably beyond capitalising on the citizens’ anger and frustrations with the current economic challenges of the day – should position itself as a Pan-Africanist Movement.

A Western controlled political party

In this regard, l think it will be to the advantage of MDC Alliance and other opposition political parties to fight this mantra of being seen as a Western extension or controlled political party. This can only be done by grounding the opposition political party ideology in Pan-Africanist Renaissance, philosophy and beliefs.

Opportunism will not work for MDC Alliance in the future. It can only work now when people are hungry and desperate for economic turn around in their lives.

I seem to see that currently the MDC Alliance’s support is anchored on the citizens’ frustrations with the economic challenges in Zimbabwe.

Perhaps, if the economy of Zimbabwe improves, more jobs made available and the welfare of the ordinary citizens significantly enhanced – the MDC Alliance might totally lose its relevance in Zimbabwe’s political landscape. This is why l think that Pan-Africanism and Patriotism will be sustainab

Doctrines and ideology to keep any opposition political party relevant in Africa.

Zimbabwe’s Political Polarisation and Unity

I just don’t understand where this misplaced and twisted belief that ZANU PF does not need MDC supporters to make Zimbabwe work again and that MDC Alliance can change Zimbabwe for the better without ZANU PF supporters come from. That’s a fallacy.

The madness of political polarisation in Zimbabwe is our current greatest enemy. We will continue to steal, destroy and kill each other and all this at the expense of our beloved Zimbabwe – if we continue on this unfortunate and retrogressive trajectory.

Surely, Zimbabweans should find a way to forego the current anger, hatred, bitterness and wrath against each other if the nation is to unite, develop and prosper.

We have no better option given our current crisis except to find one another – all in the spirit of oneness, togetherness, peace, stability development and prosperity of Zimbabwe – our beloved motherland. As l alluded to previously – there is amazing power of victory and God given grace in unity.

Let us all go for unity my dear beloved Zimbabweans and together we will surely make Zimbabwe Great Again!

May the Almighty God bless the nation of Zimbabwe by granting us all the wisdom to unite and prosper together as a people.

Professor Richard Chinomona is a political scientist. The views expressed here are his own.


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