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This week, after veteran Zimbabwe Chimurenga musician Thomas Mapfumo told Zimbabwe Digital News that he is flagged as public enemy number one in Zimbabwe, and that his music is banned from national radio (video is on www.zimbabwedigitalnews.com, saying “Music yangu haitoridzwe zvachose….”)

Ndinotondzi mhandu ye government, mhandu yawo hombe. See video


Thomas Mapfumo interview with Zimbabwe Digital News

Thomas Mapfumo Interview with Zimbabwe Digital News

Posted by Zimbabwe Digital News on Tuesday, 5 November 2019


We contacted ZBC General Manager for Radio, Robson Mhandu who responded as follows:

“Music ya Mukanya: Ehe inoridzwa on all ZBC radio stations, personally I am a great fan of Thomas Mapfumo. Like I told you, you can believe what you want to believe, I can’t tell Mukanya what to say in his interviews.

But I can tell you that he was at ZBC Head Office for both TV and radio interviews earlier this year. Precisely in February 2019.

He was a key speaker on ZBC national airwaves during the funeral of Oliver Mtukudzi, and during the burial we all sought his comments.

Here are some pictures of him at the ZBC head office and I think you can see him posing with ZBC staff members. (below)

Thomas Mapfumo is undoubtedly a legendary Zimbabwe musician, his music is relevant to all Zimbabweans and beyond.

Certainly, we don’t get moved by Thomas Mapfumo’s interviews with other media houses, we respect the fact that together with Thomas Mapfumo we are primarily Zimbabweans first, the rest is secondary.

But we do not control what he says to the media.

Exactly what I told you, I and as ZBC we don’t get moved by what Thomas Mapfumo says, when he is singing for his supper in several media platforms especially western controlled.

I have listened to many of his interviews, when he is in Zimbabwe we will bring him in ZBC studios as an iconic Zimbabwean musician, for his interesting speeches.

See full Mukanya show report:


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Mukanya shown posing with ZBC employees earlier this year.


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