Lucky Chasi walks off with the winning ticket as rains stop play midway

Lucky Chasi walks off with the winning ticket as rains stop play midway
By Leo Mapfirakupa

The sky was blue and clear, the weather was warm, only a metereologist could have predicted that such a heavy downpour was in the making.

Only after 8 holes, the siren went off – stopping the game and just a few minutes after it was raining cats and dogs, creating the it was best weather for ducks.

Lightning was strong and this was evidenced by how its electric energy was heating up leading to air expansion and terrifying sound waves which we commonly refer to as thunder.

Bryanston Golf course is a marvellous course to play. With only 8 holes played everyone enjoyed, and the rain came when everyone was warming up to better performance.

I had just made a birdie and a very good tee short about to chip for the green when the siren went off.

Our sponsors for the day Escobar had a tent on hole number 9, with a very big banner and a friendly marketing team. Snacks and refreshments were available to the golfers.

It was a break with the past for the veteran Ovid Chitsiku as he rose from the woods shooting a whooping 23 points after only 9 holes. The resurgent Chitsiku is no stranger to the podium and proved to all critics that he still has much more golf in him.

Security had to intervene as everyone wanted to catch a glimpse of the champ at our sponsor’s spot Escobar.

It was a busy moment in the stampede to grab a moment with front runner Chitsiku.

After narrowly missing the podium for  consecutive three weeks Taps finally made it and he had this to say. “If you need something, never lose focus, your time will come and when it does grab it with both hands.”

Taps was back in top form as he scooped third place, shooting 17 points after just 8 holes.

During his address Escobar representative Mr Simukai Mandizvidza said he was excited about the turnout and the support for the business.

“As Escobar Lounge we were excited to host a golf day, although the weather was not on our side. We were able to still enjoy the day and I’m sure so did the players with the award ceremony and after party at Escobar Lounge. We look forward to hosting more golf days in 2020.”

When it’s your day, no effort is required, It was a providential day for Hope Chasi who just made it to the 19th hole and walked away with a raffle price.

In effort to acknowledge and promoting brawling among the ladies, the Brawlers leadership decided to introduce a Brawlet price.

Competing against herself, Caroline Chimanga managed to walk away with the price.
Braynston Country Club Results

Confirmed Top 4 Results

Ovid 20
PC 19
Allistair 17
Taps 15
Note: These score are only for 8 holes.

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