We are the lost generation, and we have no-one else to blame but our corrupt government


By Takudzwa Hope Chasi


This week more reports emerged of the shenanigans that are plaguing the smooth running of Zimbabwe’s Ministry of Transport, and specifically the activities of Transport Minister Joel Biggie Matiza.
I have been inspired to write this article: The Last/Lost Generation, because of how I feel about what is happening to my country.
We are the last generation of people born in Zimbabwe, who will be interested in going back home.
We are the last ones who saw a beautiful, functional, Zimbabwe. We saw good schools, we saw nurses, doctors, teachers and technicians having great lives in their own country.
We were forced to leave, in order to make something of ourselves. We did not leave because we don’t love our land.
We have gained lots of experiences from all corners of the world. We have acquired skills, resources and networks to unlock the challenges our country faces.
But some of us are going to be in retirement in 10years time. Time is running out. Are we the last or the lost generation?

Government of no Governance

This government, that many of us initially invested our hope for a better Zimbabwe in, has let us down.
We have officials still demanding bribes left right, and centre. Ministers demanding a share in every transaction. We have a government failing to see beyond their own greedy stomachs.
This story of DIDG, this abuse, is only a recent example of how the Zimbabwean government has done things for many years.
Many investors try and trust them with their time money and resources. But then when it suits them, they turn around and muddy the waters. Damaging our country’s Investment potential more and more everyday.
We cannot allow this lot to carry on like this government without governance.

Diaspora Investment

DIDG is an example of innovative thinking, for all of us. We are on this platform because of the ideas and vision of the guys over at DIDG. They are the original Brawlers.
They imagined us aggregating our efforts, resources, minds, labour, and networks, in one way or another.
DIDG, owned by Brawlers in Business, you and me, managed to put a foot inside the belly of the beast by snagging this NRZ deal, surviving the last days of Mugabe’s Administration, and navigating its way in turbulent political waters till recently.
The team was so close to showing the establishment that a better Zimbabwe is possible, created by Sons and Daughters of Zimbabwe, not outsiders, not Chinese, Middle Easterners, Westeners – Zimbabweans.
We on this platform, are best placed to know that this NRZ Deal was that one opportunity, for us to create a channel to be listened to – Us the Diaspora Community. The economy is our way to fix Zimbabwe.

My Clarion Call

Zimbabwe Diaspora, why don’t we carry on the new way, that DIDG was trying to start?
Why don’t we take up the mantle of being Zimbabweans who work together, Zimbabweans who see that my brother’s interests are my sister’s interests and so  they are my interests?
Why can we not lift our voices and comment on the issues, even on social networks – twitter facebook etc… respond on newspaper articles.
Let us contact people we know in the Government and make a contribution to say we don’t like the way Our Government treats its children. We know someone.
I know, we have been taught over the years, that our voices don’t matter. But our generation is also guilty of reinforcing that miseducation, by our own apathy. Perhaps we should start somewhere, just as DIDG tried to do.
Let us here as Brawlers start something, the same way DIDG was trying to do. Let us start the impossible task of getting our voices heard.
We want A Better Zimbabwe!
We want Diaspora to Contribute!
We want Government to Play Fair!
We want Corrupt Tendencies to End!
Today it is DIDG that is carrying the brunt of the shenanigans of government. It is the curse of the trailblazer. But tomorrow it is you and your business.
This current situation is bad for DIDG and Brawlers. But it is also bad for Diaspora at large and the future of our Children.
With this test case,  the real question on the table today for us Diaspora Zimbabweans is
Are we giving up on Zimbabwe?
I will be sharing more thoughts about what I think our government has done to us in the next coming weeks. Brawlers in Business, Brawlers Golf, DIDG and our communities have embarked on a new exciting news-driven partnership with Zimbabwe Digital News.
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