My dear little daughter. I am your father


By Rolland Tanyaradzwa Bere


So my name is Rolland Tanyaradzwa Bere. Born and bred in Chitungwiza, Seke Unit K. I am the last born in a family of three. Born on the 14th of March 1991 (28 years).

I did my primary school at Vimbai Primary, then my High School at Seke 1 High School in Seke Chitungwiza.

Went on to complete an Honours Degree in Social Work at Bindura University of Science Education. I am a Christian. I am based in Cape Town where I am running a Life Coach and Mentorship Agency (Rolland Berehr Coaching). I am also a Founder/Director of a company called Glowrious Flow that manufacturer’s reusable sanitary pads.

This is my second book. My first which I published in 2017 is titled, Now That You Are Heartbroken: Three Ways to get through a Heartbreak. It’s available on Amazon.

On this current book, what inspired me is the realisation that most young girls grow up without a strong positive male figure around them.

It’s either the father is totally not in the picture, because he died when the girl was still young, or he is one of those irresponsible fathers.

On the other hand, the father might be there but he might be too busy with work to provide for the family.
So at the end of the day, there is not much dialogue between fathers and daughters, where the father passes on some wisdom to her daughter on how to navigate through ups and downs of life. In some families, fathers are ‘monsters’ they don’t have any friendly relations with their daughters.


Which brings me to the third question

So this book, is a guide that seeks to create that dialogue between a loving father and his daughter, where he teaches her on how to live harmoniously with others, how to be a respectable woman, especially in this patriarchal society that we live in, how to set boundaries, how to value herself, the importance of loving God and also how to create healthy and fulfilling friendships.

So in other words, this book is a guide for a 21st century young woman who needs a positive male voice on areas of spirituality, friendship, self-awareness, sex and culture.

The main challenge that I faced was that, when I was doing research for the book is that many fathers were not really willing to share their experiences of fatherhood in respect to their relationship with their daughters (may be they thought I wanted to evaluate how good are they as a parent lol). So it took me a lot of time to gather enough information/facts on how fathers relate with daughters and the topics they talk about. On the other hand, girls also were not also forthcoming.

So it was really a challenge to really get them to talk on how they would want a father to relate to them and what they would want him to teach them.

Lol, funny enough! I had scheduled to publish this book in April but my laptop was stolen before I had a backup file of the final draft of the book. So I had to use the backup file of the first draft, which was more or less the same as starting the whole project all over again.

Although it was challenge, looking at it now I am so grateful for that challenge. This book is 10 times better than the one I had scheduled to publish in April.

Personally I feel that the book is not exhaustive, so it my hope that other authors and other positive male role models will pick it up from where I left off and add their voice to it, so that there is more dialogue between fathers and daughters. I have already started working on the second edition that deals solely with relationships.

The book will be available online from the 7th of December.



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