How Slaying the Dragon made the news among the high class at Beit Bridge


This week Zimbabwean customs officer Tariro Ndlela launched arguably the first book ever to be launched in Beit Bridge, in a launch that was attended by the town’s  high class. Last week he introduced himself, and wrote about the inspiration behind Slaying the Dragon, the book

Here is Part 2: The lowdown of the rest of the story:

The Age of Fear, and Slaying the Dragon, What Slaying the Dragon means for the people of Beit Bridge, Zimbabwe’s Own Netflix, and The state of Zimbabwe’s publishing industry

Who attended the book launch in Beit Bridge?

The Beitbridge Town CEO was the guest of honour, Mr Loud Ramakgapola. He spoke about the event being a first of its kind in Beitbridge, and invited the society to embrace and promote such talents.

He said: ‘We grew up reading books by people we didn’t really get to meet, the likes of Chinua Achebe and how we loved their writings and it’s a privilege that today, amongst us we have the Chinua Achebes that we recognise and should appreciate and assist”.

The panel was also made up of Beitbridge’s most respected corporate leaders. Regional Manager for Immigration Mr Ncube, who spoke on the importance of adopting a reading culture, why reading is important and opportunities that it brings.

Regional Manager for PSMI Dr Musonza also attended, Beitbridge Mayor was represented by Councillor Mahachi, Mr Nyatsango, manager of Stanbic bank was also in attendance.

The ZRP was represented by officers sent from the office of the Dispol, many local businessman and church leaders were in attendance.

Mr Sam Muleya was the director of the ceremony, coming all the way from Midlands where he is working as the Communications manager for Midlands state university. Mr Sam Muleya is an international standard MC and professional speaker.

Mr Charles Mungoshi Jnr was part of the panellists and he came all the way from Zambia, he was the guest speaker. Charles Mungoshi Jnr is a motivational speaker and an Author with eight publications under his belt.

Rhena Banda is a young lady who resides in Beit Bridge and is a spoken word artist, she gave an amazing piece of poetry on overcoming fear.


Describe the state of Zimbabwe’s Publishing industry?

The industry is still not well developed and systems that exist in publishing circles are not promotive in nature, they actually demote young and upcoming authors.

However, every industry is like that, have a sort of way of protecting the old dogs and the financially strong but getting past these major roadblocks is what separates you from the ordinary.

On the whole, as I said earlier, it is only the weaker who complain of an uneven playing ground, David wouldn’t have fought Goliath. It is in fighting Goliath and win that secures your place at the top and only a few have these unique abilities.

Well, I think we are not yet on the move as Zimbabwe in the writing fraternity, it looks like we are static.
Zimbabwe has talent, talent that we do not harness and promote, talent that we do not develop and expose.

I want to believe there are a lot of amazing content creators in Zimbabwe that does not have exposure. I was one of them and I want to thank God for being faithful.

He saw my desire to transform the lives of other people and find it unjust to let the train pass me by.
Maybe my first book would have made headlines, probably I would have been featured in the newspapers with headlines like “The Phoenix Rises From The Dust” but for a nobody to be identified and promoted it would take years of prayer and fasting.

Zimbabwe’s own Netflix

The writing fraternity has been ignored, if you research about authors you most likely see Renowned Pastors on the list those who have money to sponsor the publication of their literature and have a following already who are prepared to buy their material at any cost.
Look at sports, modelling and Music, these sectors are fully represented but speaking and writing in neglected.

You only get to speak on a platform if you are a Pastor or Long existing Business guru. Look at how other nations promote young entrepreneurs, we could have the version of NETFLIX of our own, but we have a system that is rigid.

Other countries have developed, the lives of their people developed from ideas that come from public speaking engagements and books.

No book sell will publish you as long as you are not registered with any publishing house and the requirements of registry are weird, that is Zimbabwe for us.

We thought maybe with the advent of ZimDigital News it is going to help promote the existence of content creators, but it was nowhere close to becoming relevant and effective.

I think as speakers and writers, if we do not rise and come together and make a desirable platform for us no one will. It looks the government and systems have much to worry about than promoting invisible talent.

Otherwise those who do not get exposure will remain unnoticed yet with talent and passions that can change the course of history.


Age of Fear, and Slaying the Dragon

It is often said that this generation will go down in history as the Age of Fear, literally almost everyone is afraid of something.

People are afraid of challenging their status quos or move beyond their general rule of the thumb, do things that redefine the value of their experiences, take on opportunities head on and face all seemingly robust challenges.

This wave of fear has kept people in procrastinating circles, stopped people from chasing their dreams and making progress.

So as someone who is passionate about promoting valuable existence, people development and growth, I realised after unlocking human potential, we need to address fear and procrastination.
Thus Slaying The Dragon is analogous to overcoming fear and procrastination, taking a no-failure approach to self-development and success.


How can people access the book?

The book will be available on Amazon and ebay very soon. Plans of putting the book online are underway. At the moment only print copies are available and can be delivered by order.
Contact numbers for a copy. +263 779 692124 call or whatsapp


With sword in hand, Tariro Ndlela Slays the Dragon, against all odds: Part One


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