Success Is Do It Yourself 4: Success Doesn’t Come By Accident

By Aubrey Mavhuli


I ONCE started a business that failed, in fact a few of my business initiatives have gone belly up faster than you can say “Belly up”. In this article I am going to try to articulate a few of the things I have done wrong.

Success doesn’t happen by chance it happens by design.

You can’t succeed if you are not committed to your goals. Have you ever seen people that hope for a good outcome but at the same time would accept any other outcome? You can’t succeed if you are okay with any result.

You must be seriously committed to making your dream work. One of my very early businesses was a restaurant that bled me dry for a good two years. My biggest mistake was I had no strategy on how to make it work.

I had no goals minus the strategy, any success would have been more than welcome for me. However, on hindsight I later learnt that there cannot be success without clear definite goals. Goals have to be specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and timely.

Goals must be clear, if they are not clear success will always be hazy. It’s kind of unattainable. Have you ever seen how soccer fans behave when their favourite team loses? They are hopeful that the next game is theirs.

They really believe and are hopeful the next game will be better, or their team will turn a corner. My lesson was that hope is not a strategy. You cannot afford to be a spectator in your own life and hope for a different result. It doesn’t work.

That’s the mistake I made in that restaurant business. If you are not happy with the result you are getting change your actions and be deliberate towards your goals. Spectators do not decide the strategy or tactics of the team they are just that: spectators.

Success doesn’t come if you do compulsory things it comes by doing important stuff

One of the mistakes I also made was that I knew what I needed to do but never got to doing it. I was too busy working in the business to make it work. It’s difficult to solve a problem that you are part of. It takes one to detach themselves a bit and look from the outside.

I was busy running the business doing compulsory things but never took time to do what was important. What’s compulsory will give you success if you are luck but what’s important gives you success every time.

What was important was to market and sell the business that would have grown it. Doing what is compulsory keeps you yoked to your circumstances. Picture this. Everyone except for a few exceptions wakeup early to go to work early.

They may do this for twenty or thirty years without fail till they retire. Doing that is compulsory for employees. The only problem with doing what’s compulsory is that helps you pursue you employer’s goals and not necessarily yours. The secret of success is doing the compulsory habits for your own goals not other people’s goals.

Take your own health matters. Eating fruits and veggies and exercising may be important but not compulsory. Success comes from doing what’s important irrespective of how you feel. If you can pursue what’s important more than you pursue what’s compulsory you will tame your success.

Success comes by doing what’s required not what you feel like

One of the habits that bring about success is the habit of doing what’s required not what you feel like. As a parent my young children seem always willing to help me when I am doing handy work around the house.

What’s interesting is often how they always seem to want to do the clever and smarter work and not necessarily the manual and mundane work.

I have always retorted to them that success demands that we do what’s required not what you feel like. What’s required is what’s important.

Whatever your work, whatever your occupation learn this about success it must be clearly thought out and pre-planned.


Success – on its own – is simply a Do-It-Yourself business


Take risks: if you win, you will be happy: if you lose you will be wise


Written by Aubrey Mavhuli Author of Marketing Sense: An entrepreneur’s marketing guide that brings results and Chief Copywriter and Marketing Consultant at He is a serial entrepreneur who runs a Copywriting & Marketing Consultancy, Solar installations company, an Eco cash shop and a mixed farm in Gauteng. He is a motivational speaker and trainer on Marketing, copy writing, sales, leadership and success. Email :, Cell 0722711079


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