A herd of sleeping elephants, enjoying a slumber at Hwange National


By Julian Brookstein


How many times have you seen Elephants sleeping? We now know that wild elephants can go into the 24-36 hr range without having deep REM sleep.

They will have little naps in that period. After the 24-36 hr period depending on what they are doing, they will lie down and SLEEP for hours sometimes.

I found this herd with my guests all fast asleep on a walk in Hwange. We sat and watched them for over an hour as they slept.

Then slowly they started to wake up. Finally all but two young ones were up. With the silent signal given they started to move off.

The babies didn’t, one of the older cows walked over and kicked the nearest baby gently once, twice and a third time with a little less gentle involved. With a rumble of displeasure the two youngsters got up and joined the herd as they moved off. – Footprints Zimbabwe



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