Success is Do it Yourself column 10: How to raise the self-concept in your life

By Aubrey Mavhuli


What is your mini self-concept about yourself?

When I was young, I had a lot of limiting beliefs about myself. One of the limiting beliefs I once had was that mathematics was hard. I struggled with maths for a long time in my lower secondary school and I hoped that Maths wasn’t going to be one of the subjects I left high school with. But I soon found out that there is really nothing very difficult unless you render it so.

My epiphany came in my second year of secondary school. I was in a so-called A class with a 45% mark in my end of year in first year of secondary school.

In our first term second year of secondary school, we did not write any test and by mere chance I found myself being the highest in the A class with a 79% pass mark 1 % shy from the highest pupil in the grade who was in class B.

That changed my Mathematics self-concept forever. From that day on when I was momentarily on top of the class in Maths, I vowed that every time I had a Maths exam I would always come out on top against Maths. Maths was going to be the loser but never me. I had to change my self-concept about Maths and what I believed about it. Ever since Maths has always been doable for me.

Successful people are careful how they think

You have heard the saying that, “As a man thinketh so is he.” It turns out that we eventually turn out to be what we have long suspected we will turn out to be, so be careful, very careful how you think. What you think about yourself is your own mini self-concept. Henry Ford summed it up this way, “Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t–you’re right.”

The secret of success is to think as you ought

A man who manages his thoughts manages his life. All success and failure emanate from what you think. If you think you are a success your mind will figure out how to make your thoughts a reality. If you think you are a victim your thoughts will imprison you.

Your self-concept can be limiting or liberating to you. What you have believed and have told yourself about yourself has led to where you are today. Your self-concept invades every part of your life. This comes from what you believe about yourself.

What you believe about yourself and what you tell yourself about yourself may govern how far you reach your own goals. Your achievement of goals is basically your success.

Success is often a matter of your decisions.

I know some people think there are others that live on luck. But luck is often elusive if you decide nothing and do nothing.

In-fact the more you think right the more you decide right and the more you decide right the more you act right, the more you act right the more you get luck. Your habits, your decisions court your own luck. Your decisions are a function of how you think.

The good news is your self-concept may be changed, but it needs your decision. Your beliefs about yourself are also changeable.

Your self-concept and your beliefs about yourself determine how you act. How you act determines your habits. Your habits can be for or against your success.

Success is often in the mind. Change your mind change your life

If your self-concept is right no-matter how much you try and fail, you will continue to rise again. Often that is where the real secret of success is found: in perseverance and persistence. There is never a successful person who has never hit a detour, a pothole or roadblock or stop sign along their path to success.

But like all road users know, a roadblock or stop sign doesn’t mean you turn back and go home before you reach your destination.

Ponder over this: what self-concept do you have of yourself? How limiting are your beliefs about what you think you can do? Fortunately, both can be changed only by your decision.


Aubrey Mavhuli is author of Marketing Sense: An entrepreneur’s marketing guide that brings results and Chief Copywriter and Marketing Consultant at A serial entrepreneur who runs a Copywriting & Marketing Consultancy, Solar installations company, an Eco cash shop and a mixed farm in Gauteng. He is a motivational speaker and trainer on Marketing, copy writing, sales, leadership and success. He writes, Marketing Plans, Case studies, Lead generation copy, Blogs, Website copy, Key message copy, Adverts & Sales Emails for Emerging businesses on a limited budget. Email :, Cell: 0722711079


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