Truth comes out as Cotrad public meetings kick-off in Masvingo Province


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COTRAD has facilitated a community engagement meeting held in Zaka Central constituency ward 18 at the ward centre. The meeting was an interface platform where the residents of Zaka ward 18 come together to meet with their duty bearers to deliberate on different social, economic and political issues bedeviling the ward and district at large.

There has been trending news of food and non-food aid distribution chaos in ward 18, this necessitated the calling for this community meeting. The meeting served to bring the people together to discuss and try to find lasting solution on the resurfacing social tensions mainly caused by partisanship of government sponsored aid and other programs.

The community members complained that all the programs coming end up being seized by the ruling party leaders therefore, opposition members are victimized.

The traditional leaders who addressed the meeting calls an end to partisan distribution of government aid and urging the elected leaders not to divide people but to become ambassadors of peace and unity in the communities.

The community members have also raised concerns over the persistence of harassments and threats to opposition members and the community members for attended public meetings not organized by the ruling party Zanu PF.

It was expressed that the communities have been warned not to attend such meetings except if they have been approved by the party leaders, those who will attend meeting organized without the knowledge of the party officials were advised to do it at their own risk.

Among other community development updates given it was highlighted that the devolution funds under Zaka District will be shared equally between four constituencies in the district.

Therefore, it was expressed that Mr Svuure Zaka Central Legislator later informed the people that, the devolution funds for Zaka Central will be used to finish the already started projects in the constituency mentioning the Four Miles Clinic construction project in ward 8 and other projects.

The meeting also tool time to unpack the devolution process since many residents does have much information about it.

COTRAD programs team have encouraged the community members to record and report all forms of human rights abuse to their traditional leaders, ZRP and to human rights commissions and nongovernmental organizations.



COTRAD facilitated the first of its 2020 public official’s feedback meeting in Chiredzi Rural ward 18.

The meeting which was addressed by ward 18 councilor Mr Gilbert Mutubuki served to assess the progress made in 2019 and also to draw a plan for 2020.

The councilor took time to explain success and challenges faced by the council in executing its duties in Chiredzi district and ward 18 respectively. Recommendations were made by the participants during the question and answer session.

The councilor informed the participants that the council factored in the ward 18 proposal of requesting for the construction of the public health centre in the ward.

The proposal was included in the 2020 Chiredzi district council annual plan, however the Councillor informed the people that his office and other stakeholders will intensively fundraise beyond council boundaries towards the construction of the said health centre as soon as the council pegged the health centre site.

The proposal of a health centres comes after the residents who are not workers of Triangle Estate rises grave concerns over challenges in accessing health care in regards to long distance travel and costs of medication since they do not access health service at Triangle owned clinics.

These people include all families who are not workers of Triangle and other non-government and government workers such as teachers and police officers.

The Councillor also speaks on the issue of the Rufaro Flea market pegging and redistribution. He informed the residents that the flea market was temporarily established. Therefore the council will come for pegging this year 2020.

He explained that the pegging was delayed by the conflict which later on arises between the war vets, Zanu PF officials and the council over the ownership of the flea market place.

With the war vets and ZANU-PF officials claiming that it was their land however the courts ruled out that the place belongs to the Chiredzi rural council.

He also informed the residents that the market place will be downsized to avoid the electricity line as recommended by ZESA and the rural council, therefore the number of beneficiaries will be reduced. The Councillor also took time to unpack the devolution process.



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