Despite the eclipse, there is a ray of light shining at a distant horizon

By Silwangani G Ncube


Any tactic that seeks to derail both political and economic freedom of ordinary Africans will never forever last. One can rig the election and suppress the political rights and freedom of expression but will never rig the economy neither suppress the monetary inflation, the rapid, excessive and out -of -control price increase in an economy.

The act of desperation that comes from the small streets of mind, of those villains who scold their political opponents epitomises their myopia of where we are, and where are we going!

Leaders who are true and honest should spent sleepless nights crafting schemes which seeks to serve their people not how to get rid of them.

Real leaders must defend the rights of those who disagree with them, to disagree without any fear or being threatened or declared enemies of the State.

True leaders are constitutionalist,they do not hang on power even if the will of the Masses show otherwise. A leader can vacate the seat and still remain a leader by being a man or woman of reference.
Old African Presidents who are leading us now, can still lead us in the future as advisers – if in this present time listen when their people talk, and really listen too.

Every leader writes his/her own history when he/she is the incumbent.

The future generations will learn and judge. All those African Presidents who crafted the 2063 vision won’t be there in 2063 – but their vision will take us to 2063. Leaders of the 2063 generation will be held accountable for that vision if it fails.

Therefore its crystal clear that those who will be there in in 2063 must start to reawaken themselves and take the future into their hands.

We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then is not an act, but a habit. Steve Biko once said “It is better to die for an idea that will live, than to live for an idea that is going to die”.

When you go to the United States of America and all other developed countries they take voting serious because they know that one’s vote will determine whether he/she will get a job or not, or one will get service delivery or not.

Taking Voting Seriously

In Africa people do not take voting seriously. If those taking a leading role do not beg people with T-shirts and food parcels, Africans don’t vote. The few that vote unconditionally are those who vote for taps without water and ghost buildings called schools and clinics without any service delivery.

The 2063 vision seeks to improve Africa and the livelihoods of its ordinary citizens. The vision will only be achievable when Africans take voting serious and give a political party of their choice a landslide victory. The 2063 vision will also be achievable when the youth confront the status quo.

The future of a 30-year-old man or woman can’t be decided or be in the hands of a nonagenarian. An optimist stays up until midnight to see the New Year. A pessimist stays up to make sure the old year leaves. “What a wonderful thought is it that some of the best days of our lives (youth) haven’t even happened yet”.

There is a difference between gallavanting and looking for investors abroad. Investors want to be assured of their investments in a certain country with a corrupt-free government. Many of the zombis that Africans elect are gallavanting.

They normally take a posture, and behave like they have something to offer, yet they are just hallucinating from their comfort zones. Many African Presidents are amoebas who think that being a President is a privilege.

They don’t want to be criticised.

They surround themselves with lazy people who say nothing. In my ideological tool kit, a President who is a true leader must listen to the collective wisdom of other people – no matter their political affiliation.

Happiness is not something ready made. It comes from your own actions. This is the fact to the people of my country Zimbabwe.

Quitting is a temporary solution to a temporary problem, Ngeke sikhalale insimu ngenxa yendwangu…Hatingaramwiri munda makudo.


As we are contemplating the political and economic change of Policies, 2023 general elections in Zimbabwe, the man of peace Joseph Busha will take a lead with FreeZim Congress local government and Parliamentary candidates to give Zimbabwe the direction.

The clarion call is directed to the electorate to give FreeZim Congress the threshold. FreeZim Congress leadership is composed of clean leadership, no history of corruption or being involved in any form of Shenaniganisms.

Zimbabwean politics has been for far too long been dominated by political none starters. 2023 general elections, Zimbabweans must wean themselves from coercing ZANU-PF and the Movement for Democratic Change (MDC).

The change is inevitable as long as the SADC country’s electorate give the Freezim Congress party a threshold. Zimbabweans must learn to vote against ZANU-PF even if the conditions are unfavorable.
The revolutionary party will use its old gimmicks of character assassination, intimidation and sorts of harsh conditions. In such a scenario the voter must know his/her vote is secret.

The treatment that Thokozani Khupe got on the day when Morgan Tsvangirai was being laid to rest must alarm the women of Zimbabwe and all the feminists.


Once Zimbabweans vote for MDC, the women must be rest assured that nothing of them pertaining to their rights will be left. That political party (MDC) has a potential of killing and harassing the masses where ever they disagree, if it is voted to power. Every African must say “No to Gender based violence”.
FreeZim Congress will protect Zimbabwean’s rights.

The FreeZim Congress – in line with its Manifesto will give all Zimbabweans land and a place to call home. All greedy politicians who own more than one farm will have to relinquish other farms to the government for redistribution. All Zimbabweans who are Zimbabwean by birth or descent, black or white must get land equitably.

FreeZim Congress government will do away with the so called Command Agriculture. A project which has mostly benefited the elite neglecting the poor masses of Zimbabwe.

The government will introduce an alternative in the Agricultural sector,to grow the economy,Feed the Nation with health and affordable food prices and employ millions who are jobless.

Hon Silwangani G. Ncube is from Gokwe Mapfungautsi Constituency.



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