Edwin Anderson set to launch book that details the rise of Zororo Phumulani

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Zororo Phumulani CEO Edwin Anderson will launch a biography of his business journey on his birthday on June 4 – in a script that is expected to narrate how he has built and grown the funerals services provider from scratch.

The business – now widely recognised one of the most enteprising on the Zim-SA corridor – has emerged in recent years as a big industry player – not only handling dozens of funerals every month, but playing a key role in education, branding and innovation, media and marketing, and sports sponsorship.

Anderson’s book was announced by Zororo Phumulani operations manager Brian Makunike at the company’s 2020 laptop give away ceremony in Johannesburg this week – saying that the book would provide rare insights into the trials and tribulations that characterised the history of Zororo Phumulani as a company.

“At one point Mr Anderson sold his car to fund the start-up. Then he got betrayed along the way by one of his business partners. It was not a smooth ride at all, from having one office in 2013, to a 24-hour operation today in all provinces in SA. The journey itself was not easy, it is a classic rise from the ashes kind of story,” Makunike said.

He added that while many people only saw the success of Zororo Phumulani today, Anderson’s story was a great example of how an ordinary man had struggled in his youth to gain an education. And it was not a surprise that he was now passionate about ploughing resources into education and corporate social responsibility.

Not much else was given away about the upcoming book – except that Anderson himself said the book would serve as a perfect textbook to entrepreneurship, and to everyone else who felt like giving up in the world of business.

Reports carried on Zimbabwe Digital News say that Anderson was motivated into business after facing many challenges during his school days, and especially during university in which his parents struggled to pay tuition fees.

Just to get a laptop or other tools was a pipe dream. What he went through and his understanding for the value of education compelled him to ensure that the conglomerate that he now heads participated in giving back to the community, especially tools that enable students to better tackle their school work.
He started the company in 2012 – while working as a waiter.

Armed with a business degree from Solusi University, a dream, and lots of faith he came to Cape Town from Zimbabwe in 2010.

The only job that he could get was being a waiter. It was clear that Zimbabwean immigrants faced a lot of challenges but one that really touched his heart the most was the difficulty most immigrants faced in having a decent repatriation or burial if they passed away.

From there an idea, though far-fetched at the time, to have the families of the deceased be rest assured that their loved ones would get a decent repatriation and be assured that those would have died would rest in peace was implemented, and Zororo Phumulani was born.

Speaking at the same event, Zimbabwe Amsassador to South Africa, David Hamadziripi thanked Anderson for his decision to run with the 2020 laptop giveaway programme – for the third year running – saying that the laptops would change the lives of the receipients.

“In equipping these young people in this manner, Zororo Phumulani is reinforcing the present, an dpreparing for the future. I salute you Mr Anderson, and your team at Zororo Phumulani. Your story is a great example of promoting unity and harmonius co-existance, not only between the Zimbabwean community in South Africa, but also between Zimbabwean and South African brothers and sisters,” he said.

The Zororo Phumulani laptop give-away initiative has grown from 20 laptops in 2018, to 40 laptops last year, and 80 in 2020. The project is now backed by both Wits University and University of KZN, Independent Newspapers and several radio stations.

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