Hello Readers. I’m here, and I’m sick. Covi One, Week Two on Zim Digital News

By Merkury Rising

Hello Everyone

It’s heavy what happening out there, and I’m your Virus, Covi One. Since I debuted on this newspaper last week, I’ve become an overnight hit with Zimbabwe Digital News readers. This is my second week of appearance, and I’m not enjoying it.

That’s because I’m in the news. Everywhere you go, you see me, you read about me, I’m on TV, I’m on radio, I’m in the newspapers, including this one, and I’m all over social media.

So this week as Covi One I’m on the streets, which are empty.  Its not good news.

Something is very unusual. To me, being a virus is not an easy life. People love to hate me, but no matter why you may hate me, I’m here.

Everywhere, every shop is closed. And if you think that I’m alone, wait until you meet my friends and family. This week you are meeting Cactus, and Friend.

You are looking at him as we speak. He is actually on this page. And he is also looking into the distance.

People think that we are twins. It could be true, and it could be not. Say something to Cactus so that he knows you are here, and you can see him as well. Femigee and his band are coming as well, and you will meet them this week.

Like new human kids we are here to cause untold misery.

It’s not our intention, but its happening. We bring mixed emotions, misery, untold suffering, anxiety and much more to the world. I mean, its all just too much to wrap one’s head around what is actually happening. Isn’t it

All the confusion, panic and fear – we have never gone through something quite like this in recent years.

We know that you don’t understand us, and we know that you, humans, don’t like viruses.

Neither do we really want to be here on earth at this time. But whatever happens we will be in the news, through thick through thin. We are not funny, and this virus is not a joke. Take care, and see you on www.zimbabwedigitalnews.com.

Even viruses are online, and some of them are not quite like us. We want to bring solutions to this crisis. ATCHOOOO!!!




Don’t sneeze yet, dear readers. This is Covi – on debut at Zimbabwe Digital News,


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