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Good morning newspaper readers. Welcome to Zim Dot Com Comunity News – where Zimbabwe Digital News and us are aiming at reaching ONE MILLION readers on this newspaper every week.

That a massive undertaking, and we are ready for it. It’s a huge market, and it is there for the taking.

We think that this is great news for ZIM DOT COM community to make the headlines. There are many great programmes that this organisation – Zim Dot Com is running.

We have a massive housing project that is taking off in Brakpan, abnother one in the South, and we have a great partnership with the Zimbabwe Business Community which is connected to 5000 whatsapp groups, linked on weblink.

We have implemented a street wise Zim Community in SA group where we have security in the numbers of our members – and of the readers in this newspaper.

We have an enteprising groceries business where suppliers are going to make use of Zimbabwe Digital News to create a market in consumer goods through this news platform.

We are rolling out our hamper project by the end of this month where groceries will be delivered straight from thre farms, to your door step, and at rock bottom prices.

And we are implementing our business desk which comprises a community bank, an insurance company, business mentorships and we are preparing to unveil one of the best job creation programmes that this country has ever seen, which will create up to 3 million jobs at the maturity of the initiatives.

So to do all this we had to partner with a news media that subscribes to the best practices in terms of seeing news differently, one that reports news without fear or favour, and one that has reported on the Zimbabwean story in the diaspora more than any other media out there –

There is a lot that our people are doing, that we never get to hear, or read about.

This partnership gives us the opportunity to change the news narrative about Zimbabweans in the Diaspora – at ZimDotCom, MaMoDotCom, and at the Zimbabwe Business Community (ZBC)

We have taken up this challenge knowing that we shall get good brands to partner with us, ONE MILLION readers per week is a massive market to have in your corner. Stay connected, and make sure you follow ZIM DOT COM Community newspaper and Zimbabwe Digital News as we embark on this journey together.

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